Nikki Haley Blames ‘Democrat Plant’ for Civil War Question Gaffe

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday blamed a “Democrat plant” for a question about what caused the Civil War. The presidential candidate neglected to include “slavery” in her list of reasons.

During a town hall on Wednesday, a member of the audience asked the former South Carolina governor what caused the Civil War. She gave an unclear word-salad response.

“I mean, I think the cause of the Civil War was basically how government was going to run. The freedoms and what people could and couldn’t do,” she said.

“I think it always comes down to the role of government and what the rights of the people are,” Haley continued. “I will always stand by the fact that I think government was intended to secure the rights and freedoms of the people. It was never meant to be all things to all people,” she said.

The respondent was shocked that Haley’s answers did not include a mention of the role of slavery in the Civil War, “In the year 2023, it’s astonishing to me that you answer that question without mentioning the word slavery.”

“What do you want me to say about slavery?” Haley asked:

Haley proceeded to clarify her stance on the cause of the Civil War.

“Of course, the Civil War was about slavery, that’s the easy part. Yes, I know it was about slavery. I am from the South,” she told a local radio host.

Civil War painting (BattleBuyenlarge/Getty Images)

Haley then proceeded to blame Democrat plants for the question.

She asked rhetorically, “Why are they hitting me? See this for what it is… They want to run against Trump. In town halls, I answer every question, and they are planting questions there.”

“It was definitely a Democrat plant. When asked him, he didn’t want to answer. He didn’t give reporters his name,” she claimed.

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