The Dublin Riot: A Harbinger of Things to Come?

Because it spotlights the current state of affairs in the West — and all the key players — the recent uprising in Dublin should not be so quickly forgotten.

Background: On Nov. 23, 2023, a Muslim man of Algerian origin, with a known criminal record, knifed a group of preschool children attending Saint Mary’s, a Catholic school in Dublin. Three children — two girls and a boy aged between 5 and 6 — and a care assistant who tried to defend them were stabbed in the assault. Knifed near the heart, a 5-year-old girl was critically injured and, as of the last report from December, remains hospitalized in critical condition. 

On the evening of the day of the stabbing, Irish citizens, apparently sick of taking in Muslim migrants who show their thanks by randomly stabbing Irish children and committing other crimes, took to the streets to protest their nation’s immigration policies. Before long, a riot — described as the worst in modern Dublin history — broke out.  

This incident marks something new: a Western demographic consisting of everyday men and women revolted — not just with words or hashtags, but in fact — against the mainstream narrative concerning migrants coming into Europe.  

Up until now, here is how things worked: Western authorities, the “elites,” opened their nations’ doors to millions of Muslim migrants. They did this by exploiting their citizens’ sense of decency, by making them feel it is their “duty” to provide all these migrants with a good life.  

Meanwhile, many of these migrants exhibit Islam’s natural hostility for all things and persons non-Islamic. Wherever there is a significant presence of migrants, crimes, rapes, and general insecurity soar. This is to be expected: the migrants’ Islamic upbringing, which is regularly nurtured by European-subsidized mosques, is inherently tribal and sees in the “other” nothing but walking prey.  

Finally, the “guardians” of what Western people are allowed to know and talk about — media, politicians, “experts,” and the elites who own and control them — have done everything to conceal these facts. The names and identities of criminals and rapists are generally suppressed. A rise in crimes is blamed on anything and everything, from a lack of “equity” to European “racism,” but the obvious.

However, because the weight of deception has so increased, the edifice of lies is collapsing.  Growing numbers of Western peoples are seeing reality for what it is: their leaders, their “elected” representatives, are implementing policies — in this case, mass Muslim immigration — that harm and disempower the very people they are supposed to represent. Up until now, the people’s response has been largely confined to criticism — words.

Which is what makes the Dublin riot unique. Not only is it a rare instance of mass and violent protest against the authorities, but it has also pushed the authorities to double down on their position — further exposing where their loyalties lie (not to the people). 

Thus, Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s prime minister, responded by accusing those protesting his open doors policy, which has dramatically raised the crime rate — most recently, with the stabbing of three children — of being racists “filled with hate”: 

They did not do what they did because they wanted to protect Irish people. They did not do it out of any sense of patriotism, however warped. They did so because they’re filled with hate. They love violence. They love chaos and they love causing pain to others.

Varadkar further vowed to use the “full resources of the law” to punish the protesters and tighten legislation concerning “hate speech” and “incitement.”

Put differently and moving forward, any Irish citizen who dares speak the truth concerning Muslim migration into Ireland — and anyone foolhardy enough to try to take the law in their own hands when Muslims commit heinous crimes — will be targeted as a “hater” and quickly muzzled. 

While the Dublin incident made dramatic headlines worldwide, it is hardly the only such incident to reflect this growing divide between Western populaces and their leaders. Indeed, a nearly identical incident unfolded a few days earlier in France.

On Nov. 18, in the small, rural town of Crépol, a gang of machete and knife-wielding Muslims (also of Algerian origin) descended on a village festival, where they murdered one 16-year-old boy and seriously wounded nearly 20 others. Numerous eyewitnesses heard the attackers cry out anti-white racial slurs, including, “We are going to kill white people.”

“It wasn’t just a fight like we’re used to, where there’s little punches thrown at each other,” said one French eyewitness. “We saw between 15 and 20 people arrive. We didn’t know them, they took out the knives; they were there to kill.”

To the murder of one of their own, French authorities responded just like their Irish counterparts. A BBC report was titled, “French pledge to tackle ultra-right after teen killing sparks protests.”

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin says he is going to propose a ban on small ultra-right groups, in response to a series of violent protests over the murder of a schoolboy at a village dance…. He added that extremist militias “seek to attack Arabs, people with different skin colours, speak of their nostalgia for the Third Reich.”

Besides these two Muslim attacks in Ireland and France have been countless others throughout Western Europe. As just one “seasonally” appropriate example, a few days ago, a group of Muslim teenagers accosted a 54-year-old man dressed as Santa Claus in Germany.   They called him a “fat man” and “son of a bitch,” before ordering him to remove his costume.  Their logic? “We are Muslims and this [Germany] is our country.” When he refused, they thrashed him.   

Such, then, is the current state of affairs: the people are increasingly seeing through the lie, to the point of rising up in violence, and the authorities are doubling down on the lie, to the point of robbing the people they represent of their freedoms, including the most basic, freedom of speech.

A ticking time bomb, this situation is a harbinger of things to come; worst of all, it is all preventable and exists entirely by design.

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