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SO GOOD: Pro-Hamas Protester Finds Out After NYPD Officer Finally Has Enough

As RedState reported, pro-Hamas protests in New York City escalated into violence on Christmas Day. A level-three mobilization was called after fights broke out and officers were injured. 

The scene was part of an ongoing array of protests happening across the globe that have sought to disrupt Christmas events and generally make life miserable for normal people. Amid the most recent chaos, one NYPD officer became all of us. 

It appears the protester was using a megaphone to shout in the faces of the officers who were observing the situation. Given the physical harm that can occur from doing that, it wasn’t a surprise when one of the officers decided enough was enough. In the video, you see him take the protester to the ground as others in the crowd cried foul, claiming that he was committing “assault.” 

The whining from the other protesters is the perfect analogy for the “Palestinian cause.” We are talking about people who get loud, lash out at innocents, and pound their chests until someone dares to push them back. The moment that happens, they fold like the cowards they are and claim they are being oppressed. 

That’s exactly how those in Gaza and the West Bank act on the world stage. They teach their children to commit terrorism, they carry out murderous attacks, they waste all their money on tunnel fetishes, and they refuse or break ceasefire after ceasefire. Then when Israel reacts in self-defense, they falsely claim they are victims of genocide and pretend they didn’t incite the hostilities against them. That the international community plays along due to its own biases, essentially supporting terrorism, is shameful. 

Returning to the situation unfolding in American cities, none of this nonsense stops until law enforcement cracks down. Hopefully, the mobilization going on in New York City is the first of many around the country. Americans should not have to live in fear of massive mobs of terrorist supporters who block roads, destroy property, and commit acts of violence. Start arresting them, start charging them, and start putting them in jail. Do that, and some sense of order will be restored. 

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