WATCH: IDF’s Spectacular Destruction of Hamas Tunnel/Command Network They Hid in After Oct. 7 Attack

As Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Dec. 10, while the Israel-Gaza war is still going on, it is starting to look like the “beginning of the end” for Hamas.  

Netanyahu: It’s the ‘Beginning of the End’ for Hamas as Even More Terrori

People started talking about the concept of what a post-Hamas controlled Gaza would look like. Members of the Biden-Harris team made statements saying they supported Israel but then tried to tie our ally’s hands in responding to the terrorists–and trying to dictate what the post-Hamas Gaza administration would or would not look like. 

Biden Throws Israel Under the Bus in a Big Way – Says Israel Has to Change Its Approach, Government

Now, Israel has taken out a huge Hamas tunnel/underground network/command center in a spectacular explosion. 

They showed a video of the network’s involvement, with the tunnels connected to the leaders’ homes and offices. 

The post continues: 

The complex includes a large network of tunnels that connects terrorist hideouts, bureaus, and residential apartments belonging to Hamas’ senior leadership. This complex, both above and below ground, was a center of power for Hamas’ military and political wings.

It ends by inviting viewers to watch the video and “see the complex for [themselves].”

The Israeli military released video Thursday of a huge series of explosions demolishing the tunnels in the upscale Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City that once housed Hamas’ upper echelons.

Col. Benny Aharon, who gave a tour to reporters two days before the demolition, said the homes and offices of Hamas’ top Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar and military chief Muhammad Deif were linked to the tunnel network, The Times of Israel reports.

Also located in the ritzy neighborhood was the home of the daughter of Hamas’ top political leader, Ismail Haniyeh. 

The Jewish state believes Sinwar and Deif were operating in the tunnels beneath Palestine Square when their forces stormed Israel on Oct. 7, slaughtering 1,200 people and kidnapping more than 240 others.

Aharon said Hamas stole electricity from the civilian generators to help power up the tunnels, another example of how they abuse their people. They had living quarters down in the tunnels, with food and weapons also stored down there. 

The IDF said that there were only a few Hamas bases left in that area, in northern Gaza. 

Now, instead of the tunnel network, there is a massive Israeli flag planted in the middle of Palestine Square as well as a giant menorah. 

So much for their vaunted tunnels, it looks like Hamas is going to have to find some other place to hide–or finally be finished off. 

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