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Chicago Residents Let Loose About Illegal Aliens During Council Meeting, Even Call for Trump to Come In

Polls are not looking good for Joe Biden. 

What’s most striking and problematic for him is how he’s in trouble was multiple groups that he needs to have to win, including among the young and black voters. 

There are a variety of data points that support those polls. NBC interviewed young people in a deep blue area of Wisconsin. The unhappiness with Biden was palpable.

But there’s another area that’s been building against Biden and that he’s ignored — that’s the black residents of Chicago who have been sounding off on the big influx of illegal aliens.

Our friends at our sister site Townhall pointed out some of the issues and an interesting video of residents sounding off at a city council meeting. 

More than 26,000 illegal aliens have arrived in Chicago since last year, with nearly 1,200 migrants camping out at the city’s O’Hare Airport as well as several police stations. 

Chicago has earmarked nearly $24 million to winterize tents to shelter thousands of illegal migrants who have arrived in the city during the cold months.

They’re allocating more than $300 million to deal with the influx. 

We’ve written about this before, and how they have illegal aliens sleeping in police stations so they can’t even conduct normal business. 

I can’t imagine the frustration that some residents must have in that Democratic-run city where nothing is ever addressed, and now on top of that, the system is overloaded with illegal aliens as well. 

George Blakemore and some of the other residents had had enough and called for something to be done to help the residents. He asked who made these decisions without asking them for their input.  I think the most interesting reaction is the reaction of the people in the audience when he rejects Joe Biden by calling for former President Donald Trump to come in and clean up the situation. 

Mr. Blakemore said he was against people entering illegally. He said it was “un-American” and “disgraceful” that they were giving benefits to illegal aliens over Americans. 

Who made these rules? Who voted for these rules? When did people have time to participate in making these rules? And one of y’all came over to me and said, ‘Well, Mr. Blakemore, we’ve got children.’ Well, what about the Black children in the ghetto?

Then he called for Trump. 

Trump, come in here, clean this mess up! The most corrupt city in the United States is the City of Chicago! I am an anti-illegal immigrant. 

You could see one black woman in brown take that in and then she jumped up and clapped. And other residents were making noise. That’s bad news for Joe Biden. These residents get Biden has failed them. 

It’s also worth noting that it sounds like his mic was cut after he called for Trump and said they were the most corrupt city in the United States. It’s too late, guys, he already got it out. 

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