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2 Florida students suspended from prep school after using AI to create inappropriate images of classmates

Two Florida students at a prep school were suspended for 10 days after they used artificial intelligence to create inappropriate images of their classmates, both female and male.

School officials of Pinecrest Cove Academy in Westchester said they contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department after finding out about the images made by students off campus over the Thanksgiving break.

“This behavior is unacceptable. We prioritize the privacy and well-being of all students, and we will not tolerate such actions,” read a statement sent via email from school officials to parents.

“Upon learning of this situation, we reported it to law enforcement who are now conducting an in-depth investigation,” they added. “The individuals responsible will be facing disciplinary action.”

One student who didn’t want to be identified said that they were traumatized by being one of the victims.

“It made me feel violated. It made me feel unsafe,” she said. “Like I don’t want to be in a school with boys who did that. I talk to them every day. I look them in the face and they acted like they didn’t do anything.”

There were about two dozen students who were targeted.

Parents expressed their outrage to WFOR-TV.

“Even just my little girl alone, you know like much of the rest of the girls that are involved she’s having a hard time dealing with,” said Gary Gilmore.

“She’s been crying. She hasn’t been eating. She’s just been mentally unstable. She does cheer and she didn’t even want to come to school to do it,” she said Vanessa Posso.

Parents said that the two students were suspended for 10 days and that it was not enough of a punishment.

“Our daughters do not feel comfortable returning to school with these boys in the same hallways,” said Nadia Kahn-Roberts.

School officials said they were working with the State Attorney’s Office on the case, but some parents demanded that the two boys be expelled from the school.

“This is something that I don’t think is going to end anytime soon. It’s going to keep going and going. Until we get the resolution that we’re looking for. Which is immediate expulsion of both these young men,” said Gilmore.

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