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Ted Lieu Gets Decimated in a Glorious Way When He Tries Dunking on Trump and GOP on Border

There are few people who know more about what’s happening at the border than Fox’s Bill Melugin. He’s been reporting from the border for quite some time. He’s a great font of information for all the details and even he’s been shocked lately with how bad it is. In his words, it’s like something he’s never seen before. 

But Melugin entered the room when Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) thought he had the perfect dunk on the Republicans criticizing Joe Biden over the crisis. Lieu posted some “headlines about the border.”

Lieu then said that the headlines were from 2019 and claimed that Republicans didn’t blame former President Donald Trump because they weren’t interested in solutions. 

That is a rewrite of history. 

Dems criticized and stood in the way of Trump’s efforts to solve the problem 

Yet, Trump still managed to get 500 miles of wall built, secure agreements to have Mexico work as a “wall’ by having them do more to protect their southern border, and put in place the Remain in Mexico policy, so people had to wait there. All over the cries of recalcitrant Democrats who were more concerned with stopping Trump’s efforts and screaming about how mean he was for trying to secure the border. 

But Bill Melugin had the perfect response to Lieu, just decimating his “dunk.”

This isn’t the mic drop the Congressman thinks it is…If 76,000 in one month was a “breaking point” as described by NYT in 2019, I can’t wait to see what they write about the December we’re in now, as we are currently on pace to hit 300,000 in one month.We had 269k in Sept.


Now that’s a rebuke not only of Lieu pushing nonsensical propaganda but of Biden’s border failure. Illegal entry is at record heights, and it’s all because of Biden, unlike Trump. Trump didn’t make the border worse, as Biden did. Biden undid everything that Trump did to fix the problem, starting day one after he came in. So that’s why it’s on Biden. Not that Lieu would deal with that reality. 

But 300,000 is a disaster that has to be dealt with or it’s going to crush us. There’s no way the CBP can deal with that. 

What has Biden done? He’s been releasing them into the U.S. with a date to come back for a court date in 2031. 

In this case, you may have a person with a legitimate asylum claim. But because Biden is letting anyone in who uses the word “asylum” even if they have no claim, not only are they crushing our system, but they’re also standing in the way of the people who may have legitimate claims. They’re standing in the way of those people who truly need asylum. 

That’s what a mess that Biden has made of the situation.

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