Hollywood Celebrities Rejoice over Colorado Supreme Court Banning Trump from Ballot: ‘Heroes,’ ‘Miraculous’

Christmas came a few days early for Hollywood stars who are celebrating Colorado’s Supreme Court ruling disqualifying former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot.

Celebrities including Bette Midler, Rob Reiner, Mia Farrow, and George Takei broke out in festive jubilation over the left-wing court’s thinly veiled act of election interference.

“Heroes,” Takei gushed, referring to the Colorado court.

“Thank you, Colorado!” Midler crowed.

“So glad someone has some common sense!” Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi rejoiced.

On Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that the Constitution’s “Insurrection Clause” prohibits Trump from appearing on the 2024 presidential ballot.

The court’s ruling that Trump engaged in insurrection in connection with the January 6 Capitol Hill riot ignores the fact that Trump has never been convicted or even charged in court with the crime of insurrection. The U.S. Senate has acquitted Trump of charges of engaging in such a crime.

Reacting to the ruling, Trump labelled it election interference and vowed to keep fighting by taking the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hollywood stars clung to the ruling as a bit of good news following numerous polls showing Trump extending his lead over Biden as more and more voters become fed up with sky-high consumer prices, unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, and war breaking out around the globe.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 star Bette Midler couldn’t be more grateful to Colorado.

Rob Reiner, who is producing a documentary about “Christian Nationalism,” called the Colorado ruling a “little sanity.”

Netflix star Mia Farrow wrote that Trump deserves to go to jail.

Star Trek actor George Takei called the Colorado Supreme Court “heroes.”

Ellen Barkin snarked that she wants Trump to die.

Disney’s Star Wars actor Mark Hamill could barely contain himself.

ABC’s General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn called the ruling “miraculous.”

Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi

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