Washington Post: James Biden Caught on FBI Tapes

The FBI is in possession of tapes that captured James Biden negotiating business ventures involving Joe Biden, according to a report in the Washington Post, which initially failed to authenticate the “Laptop from Hell” for 532 days

The tapes reveal how members of the Biden family worked to rake in millions of dollars while Joe Biden, referenced as the “Big Guy” by at least five Biden associates, held federal office, according to the House Oversight Committee:

  • The Biden business earned $24 million dollars between 2015 and 2019.
  • The business used more than 20 shell companies.
  • Associates sold the “Biden brand.”

James Biden, who received a subpoena to appear before a House impeachment inquiry, controls Lion Hall Group, an entity that investigators suspect of wrongdoing. According to the Post, many of James Biden’s business ventures operated via the Lion Hall Group, including some negotiations caught on tape by the FBI.

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, a Mississippi trial attorney, tried to use James Biden’s influence with Joe Biden to close a deal that forced “tobacco companies to pay billions of dollars,” the Post reported.

The Post also told readers their story does not prove Joe Biden “knew” about the “alleged money trail” or did anything wrong:

The deal with Lion Hallalso illuminates the Bidens’ decades-long relationship with Scruggs, once one of the country’s most powerful trial lawyers, who made his fortune taking on corporate interests and making friends in politics. Scruggs took James Biden on a boat trip while discussing a potential partnership on asbestos lawsuits; flew Joe Biden on his private plane to a fundraiser; and met with Biden family members at a University of Mississippi football game, Scruggs and his associates said in interviews.

But James and Sara Biden’s ties to Scruggs also later brought them to the periphery of a sweeping federal investigation, one that eventually led to the trial lawyer’s epic downfall in 2008 over a bribery scheme.

As FBI agents circled in on Scruggs and his associates over a plan todeliver $40,000 in bribes toa local judge, they also secretly recorded conversations with James Biden — who, at the same time, was trying to create a consulting firm with the Scruggs partners. Neither James Biden nor his brother was charged or accused of wrongdoing in the case, which led to prison for Scruggs and several of his associates, including James Biden’s would-be partners.

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