Christie: Trump Will Be Convicted of Crimes Worthy of Jail by Spring

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, predicted Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that former President Donald Trump would “be convicted of crimes that are worthy of jail come this spring.”

Christie said, “Let’s remember something, everybody needs to know this. This is not Vladimir Putin on the witness stand in Washington, D.C., this spring. It is not some left-wing prosecutor making the case. Mark Meadows, his former chief of staff, has accepted immunity. I did this for seven years. The reason he’s accepted is because he’s admitted he is committed crimes himself, or he wouldn’t need immunity. And he’s going to testify that Donald Trump committed crimes on his watch. A founder of the Freedom Caucus, his former chief of staff, who he called the next James Baker. Donald Trump realized the walls are closing in, and he’s becoming crazier. And now he’s citing Vladimir Putin as a character witness, a guy who is a murderous thug around the world. It is time to send Donald Trump back to Mar-a-Lago permanently.”

He added, “Donald Trump is a poison on our political system. And anyone who stays close enough to him either has to run away like their clothes are on fire, or they’re going to wind up in much more trouble than he’s ever been in. But, Jake, the clock is ticking. His time is coming. And Donald Trump, I absolutely believe, will be convicted of crimes that are worthy of jail come this spring. And he knows it, and that that is why he is getting crazier every day.”

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  1. Trump will be convicted by the corrupt judicial system. That doesn’t mean he is a convict when the conviction, the judge and the prosecutor are corrupt and biased and seeking political persecution above law and order. These Judges already have Trump convicted before day one of a court hearing or any cross evidence is entered. No different than when Legislature enacts a law. Doesn’t mean the law is constitutional, That is why we have Appellate Courts and Supreme Courts because we know legislatures and judges from lower courts are corrupt and the upper courts are intended to sort out the corruption as a checks and balance on powers. Even if Trump is wrongfully convicted which he is because there is no injury to any party involved in the case but he is found guilty by a judge who determined his guilt before ever even having a day in court or given chance to prove his innocence. The corrupt intentionally ignore the evidence, the testimonies because of hatred not because they seek truth. In the end, more and more people will Vote for Trump even if he is in jail because the public and the world can see how corrupt the US government under Democrats is and no law prevents a person in jail to be President. As President, even in jail is subject to all the freedoms and security and authority granted to every President. But nice try Communist Democrats but remember you are setting a standard for your guys to be persecuted in the same manner. You see like all commuist Democrats, they want separate rules. Like Harry reids “Nuclear Option” rule. Democrats are all for it until the day they lost control and all of a sudden they wanted the rules reversed back to what they were because it wasn’t fair for them.

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