Green Ambitions, Red Tape? Biden’s EV Station Unveiling Turns Sour

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

If you’re a columnist and make a mistake, the world will see it. I think my take on Joe Biden’s Green New Deal Lite – the so-called Inflation Reduction Act is a great example.

I had said in the past, You Won’t Believe How Many EV Chargers Bden Can Buy for $7.5 Billion. The answer was “zero” because this is the Biden Administration. I’m here today to apologize for my mistake.

Inside Climate News said Wednesday that Biden’s $7.5 billion could purchase a lot more EV charging stations than just zero.

He can purchase one.

It’s obvious that now that the $7.5 billion program has begun, even if in a small manner, many more stations are going to follow — not even a program with a crippled administrative structure can dangle this many dollars and find takers.

Paul Harvey wouldn’t tell you that you already knew the rest.

The Free Beacon reports that the first Bidencharger is located at a truckstop near London, Ohio, which includes an Arby’s, a Cinnabon, and a variety of trucker-friendly merchandise. “The first Bidencharger was opened in London on Friday, 8 December, only three days after I made my reckless claim about the Green New Deal Lite not having built any EV charging stations. Please forgive me.

Inside Climate News acknowledged that chargers weren’t being used by 10:30 am on Tuesday.

This is not surprising. If I were to spend my own money, I’d put my EV charge where I would get a return on my investment. A Tesla charging at a truck stop near Columbus at night seems unlikely.

Your phone can be charged at any time. Even if you have four ports near each other.

You may wonder why the first in a series of thousands of chargers funded by taxpayers for electric cars is situated near a trucker-friendly area on the interstate.

By hyphenating two words, you can solve the mystery of taxpayer-funded.

The Green New Deal Lite contains regulations that prohibit you from building an EV charging station where there are a lot of Tesla Model 3s and Chevy Jolts.

I’ve reported this before:

Five billion dollars will go towards charging stations with credit card readers, which should be placed every 50 miles along our interstates. J.D. expects them to be up 97% of the time. J.D.Power’s study conducted earlier this year revealed that only 61% of charging stations worked properly. A Power study from earlier this year found that only 61% of charging stations were working properly. Since everyone is taking drugs, the government-funded chargers are more reliable.

The law in this case is particularly sloppy.

The truth is that people won’t purchase EVs for road trips or long-distance drives if there aren’t enough charging stations. The lack of charging stations was cited by around half of the people surveyed as a major reason why they would not purchase an EV.

Long highway drives are not the best use of EVs. I used to drive the 750 miles between Colorado Springs, Missouri, and St. Louis at least twice or three times per year. It took about 11.5 hours to drive from door to door. Add in two or three 30-minute charging stops and… fuggidaboudit, I’ll take a greenhouse-gas-spewing airplane.

Tell your friend who has a gasoline-powered car to keep this in mind. Over the next two-year period, you’ll see more and more interstate EV charging stations popping up.

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