SC State Senator Taking White House Plan and Running

The White House has unveiled it’s long-awaited gun control plan newly fashioned from its gun control office and…it’s all stuff they’ve been pushing for years. Absolutely nothing new or overly surprising, though I’m slightly surprised that there’s no attack on constitutional carry there. I guess they have to save something for the encore.

The basic goal was to basically hand out marching orders to anti-gun states and lawmakers so as to try and push this particular agenda.

And one South Carolina state senator has taken his marching orders well.

Senator Tedder says he plans to establish a South Carolina office dedicated to gun violence prevention, invest in proven solutions such as community violence intervention programs and crime gun intelligence centers, and implement extreme risk protection orders., according to the press release.

Tedder also said he would “push for legislation requiring safe storage of firearms and reporting of lost or stolen guns, measures that can significantly reduce accidental shootings and gun trafficking.”
In addition, he will continue to support universal background checks by removing obstacles that stand in the way of enhanced background checks and see to the meticulous vetting of people buying guns, Tedder announced.

In other words, Tedder is a follower, not a leader, and he’s following the precise directions the White House gave him.

Now, I understand that this is stuff he probably already wanted to do, so I’ll cut him a bit of slack on that account. It’s easy to follow when someone else is already headed the same direction you were going to go anyway.

But the truth of the matter is that South Carolina, as a whole, isn’t interested in following the White House’s lead on this. If they were, most of this would already be law, right?

Absolutely no one is going to look at these policy recommendations from the Office of Community Gun Violence Prevention and think, “Well, we were opposed to these before, but now that the president is pushing these through a semi-official office, I guess we’ll abandon our own beliefs and do as we’re told.”

It’s just not going to happen.

And Tedder is basically telling the world he’s going to push for things he’s already wanted to push for, only now under the guise of doing as the White House as asked, only to yield pretty much the same results.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

However, let’s also understand that this is just the start. The only states that won’t have people pushing this will be those that passed it long ago. Ironically, those are also the only places I see these recommendations actually being law.

Funny how that shakes out.

Tedder isn’t the only one who has taken their marching orders and run with them. He’s just one of the first who will do as he’s been directed. Others will come up and start pushing the agenda as well.

The upside here is that at least we all know what’s coming in the new year in statehouses all across the nation.

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