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SNL Alum Dropped Out of Awful Antisemitism Sketch Minutes Before Airtime, Was ‘Uncomfortable’

Saturday Night Live reached a new low with their cold opening over the weekend, where they ruthlessly mocked Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for questioning three university presidents during Dec. 5 congressional hearings about antisemitic activity on their campuses. Instead of lampooning the university presidents, who disturbingly claimed that the calls for genocide by their students and professors needed to be taken “in context,” they portrayed Stefanik, who asked some very important questions, as a raving lunatic with anti-Jewish feelings.

The skit drew outrage from many quarters. “If SNL’s skit was at least funny or a good imitation of Stefanik, I might give them some credit, but it wasn’t either,” wrote RedState’s Nick Arama. “It was just plain bad.” 

“Worst of all, it was comically unfunny, doling out only second-hand embarrassment for those brave enough to sit through the entire thing,” wrote NY Post senior features reporter Kirsten Fleming.

Turns out one of their own alum — eleven-year SNL veteran Cecily Strong — wasn’t down with the antisemitic skit either and backed out “last minute” — just before the show was due to go live. She was “uncomfortable” with the skit, according to a backstage account.

Newcomer Chloe Troast was thrust into the limelight, and while I understand that it’s a tough job being assigned a part right before airtime, she was still spectacularly bad and unfunny.

They couldn’t even get the university presidents’ names right:

The opening sketch is always the last one to be written and Saturday’s was slightly rushed, according to sources. Indeed, there was a mix-up with the nameplates in front of stars Heidi Gardner (playing now-resigned UPenn president Elizabeth Magill) and Chloe Fineman (playing MIT president Sally Kornbluth), later corrected in the online version.
Strong’s guest appearance would have been her first time back since leaving in December 2022, after 11 seasons on the NBC show.
A TV source told The Post: “Cecily was uncomfortable with the sketch.”

Stefanik says she did not watch the episode, but her office came out with a scorching statement:

In an exclusive statement, Alex DeGrasse, Stefanik’s Senior Advisor, told The Post: “Elise did not watch it. However, her office was flooded with messages from thousands of Americans across the political spectrum — Democrats and Republicans — who were appalled and disgusted by the antisemitic trash spewed by unfunny, morally bankrupt ‘comedians.’
“SNL made history with the worst cold open ever because everyone knows there is absolutely no humor in the vile answers from the university presidents regarding their failure to condemn calls for the genocide of the Jewish people.”


I always thought Cecily Strong was reasonably funny during her days on the show, especially considering that many of the other cast members are about as humorous as Adam Schiff, but she also went along with their years-long move away from humor and into the realm of preaching leftist propaganda. 

The fact that this was too much for even her shows you how deplorable this “comedy skit” was.

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