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Reports: Israel’s Operation to Flush Hamas Out of Tunnels Is True Karma

It’s a challenging job to flush out all the Hamas terrorists, especially when they hide out like rats, in tunnels. More challenging still if they surround themselves with civilians above the tunnels and/or hostages below. But according to a report, the Israelis have a plan to truly flush them out: by pumping seawater into the tunnels.

The Israel Defense Forces assembled at least five pumps that could be used to draw water from the Mediterranean Sea to flush out the tunnels within a matter of weeks, US officials told the Wall Street Journal. 
The military completed the system, built about one mile north of the Al-Shati refugee camp, around the middle of last month, according to the paper.
Each pump has the power to move thousands of cubic meters of water per hour into at least 800 tunnels used by Hamas to move through Gaza without detection.

This picture reportedly shows them preparing the pipes for the action. 

The U.S. officials told the WSJ they didn’t know how close Israel was to a decision on the action, but now there are reports that it may have already begun. Videos are going viral on X supposedly showing the tunnels having water pumped in. 

They can flood it enough not necessarily to kill people, so as not to kill hostages being kept there but still make the tunnels unusable and flush the terrorists out, allowing the IDF to take them out and rescue the hostages. If they are kept from their hideouts in the tunnels, it would be much harder for them to operate. And it might work better than blowing the tunnels up. 

These purport to show opening up the pipes and flooding with Hamas getting caught in a tunnel. 

However, Israel has not confirmed the action, and some tunnels were previously flooded by Egypt, so the video showing the actual flooding of the tunnels could be old. 

But many noted the karma of such an action, given that Hamas had named the attack on Israel on Oct. 7 “Operation al Aqsa Flood.” How appropriate that they would be flooded out, exposed, and hopefully decimated by such an action. Also, it makes one think of how the pro-Hamas chant is “from the river to the sea” and they might be meeting the sea up close. A little more karma for wiping them out. 

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