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MUST READ: Actress Patricia Heaton Says It for Many – Alarm at Evil on Rise Since Hamas Attack

Actress Patricia Heaton has not been afraid in the past to express some conservative views, which, in Hollywood, might get you in trouble. But her comments about the evil on the rise all around us since the Hamas attack on Israel are going viral because she makes it clear: It’s not just an Israeli problem; it’s all around us here as well. 

Heaton wanted to clarify to her followers why she was tweeting so much about the subject and, I think, probably speaks for many with what she said. 

I am so alarmed by it all: alarmed at the horror #hamas perpetrated upon innocent people; alarmed at the biased anti-Israel tone of so many media outlets, especially @BBCNews and @SkyNews, the very people whose country fought the Nazis so valiantly; alarmed at the immediate and well-organized pro-Hamas protests that sprung up all over the West; alarmed at govt orgs like @UN  who are clearly antisemitic; alarmed at universities’ and students’ embrace of terrorism and oppressive cultures; alarmed at citizens tearing down posters of innocent hostages; alarmed at so many seemingly nice, integrated people, especially in the medical field, revealing genocidal beliefs against Jews; alarmed at law enforcement officers not lifting a hand to stop public calls for violence and death to Jews; alarmed at the silence of supposedly feminist groups who refuse to condemn  #Hamas raping women; alarmed at the silence from so many in Hollywood who are normally quick to jump on any social bandwagon.

Heaton asked what has happened since the world seemed to understand the question after the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in 2015. “How did so many get brainwashed?” she asked. 

Unfortunately, I think there’s an old part and a new part. The old part is the antisemitic people who have stoked this conflict for years. Another big part of it is the rise of the left. That’s why we see so much of this evil instigated by radical leftist groups. 

But it’s also troubling to see how many it has reached by perhaps becoming the “thing” to do because the left is pushing it. It was horrifying to read and write about the students going wild at Hillcrest High School in New York City because they were angry that a Jewish teacher dared to go to a rally and support Israel. They tried to hunt her down as they rioted through the school, and the staff had to hide her in a locked office. As they did it, they posted TikTok videos cheering as they went after her, thinking they were in the right because she was somehow hateful. That’s how deluded some have become because of the propaganda. 

Singer John Ondrasik perhaps had the best reaction to what Heaton said because he understands the battle for the soul of the country and the world we are in. 

Thank You @PattyHeaton, Never Stop. We are in the early days of a fight for the soul of the 🌎- Every voice of conscience and moral clarity matters. Those with the strongest will, will win. ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇦🇹🇼— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) November 26, 2023

Indeed, it is a battle we must win. 

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