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Pentagon Slammed for Huge Request After Failing Sixth Audit

The U.S. Department of Defense submitted its largest-ever request to fund “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” (DEIA) programs for fiscal year 2024 as the Biden administration continues its efforts to invest in foisting divisive woke ideology on U.S. service members even after the Pentagon failed its sixth consecutive audit earlier this month. 

Despite not being able to account for its $3.8 trillion in assets, the Pentagon’s woke indoctrinators are now seeking “approximately $114 million to finance its latest round of diversity initiatives,” and Team Biden thinks they deserve a gold star from the left for increasing its funding of such programs. 

“The FY 2024 President’s Budget request demonstrates the DoD’s commitment to DEIA and includes $114.7 million for dedicated diversity and inclusion activities,” the Pentagon stated in a “Strategic Management Plan” reported by Fox News Digital. “This funding across the Military Departments, OSD Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute is investing in programs and initiatives aimed at furthering DEIA, and incorporating DEIA values, objectives, and considerations in how we do business and execute our missions.”

Notably, that laundry list of woke blather doesn’t mention how the funding will improve the readiness, recruitment, retention, or lethality of America’s fighting forces. Evidently, the $68 million in taxpayer funding for DEIA in FY22 and $86.5 million for FY23 just wasn’t enough of an investment in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility programs since Biden took office, so they need another $114 million. 

Unsurprisingly, Biden and his military brass are taking significant incoming from Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have worked to expose and roll back the administration’s divisive and damaging embrace of woke ideology over military readiness:

In times when the enemies of freedom are on the march around the world — Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China to name a few — it’s clear that the Biden administration has not maintained the deterrence brought about by a strong and lethal military that saw peace break out in the Middle East under former President Donald Trump. More DEIA programs are not the way to restore American deterrence.

Instead, Biden simply tells our foes, “Don’t,” and then they go and do whatever he thought he was waving them off of. The Department of Defense ought to be focused on recruiting, training, and retaining the best Americans for the job of keeping America safe. It ought to ensure that the U.S. has the weapons and tools necessary to keep our enemies from attempting an attack and, if they’re foolish enough to do so, wipe the floor with them and make them sorry they ever considered coming after us. 

It shouldn’t have to be said, but the terror-funding regime in Tehran does not care whether the U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Syria its proxies are firing on have considered their “white guilt” and trained to “re-center marginalized voices.”

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