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CNN’s Segment With Gaza Mother Highlights Disgraceful ‘Moral Equivalency’ Sold on Israel, Hamas

As we reported, Israel and Hamas have come to an agreement where Hamas would release 50 of the hostages they are holding in exchange for a release of 150 Israeli prisoners and four day pause in the fighting. 

As our friends at our sister site Townhall observed, there isn’t an equivalency here. The people who were kidnapped were innocent people, taken from their homes, grandmothers and little children. 

The people being let go by Israel have been arrested and/or convicted for crimes. Some have done horrible things involving stabbing and terror-related crimes. One person on the list of 300 possible people who might be released was convicted of stabbing her neighbor, and the neighbor’s family is understandably upset

Families and survivors who suffered so much from the October 7 attack were also expressing concerns about releasing anyone involved in a terror-related crime, that such a deal might come back to haunt everyone again.

“We know and warn that any terrorist who is released now will return and cause harm in the future. In the Gilad Shalit deal, the perpetrators of the October 7 massacre were released, and there is no reason why the release of the terrorists should be any different this time.”

That’s a very real concern. 

But some want to equate the two sides with a false moral equivalency.  

So we come to this CNN report with a poor, bereaved Gaza mother who’s upset that her daughter who had been imprisoned and hopes she is one of those released. “She is a child and she is so innocent.”


Except there’s one big thing left out of their sympathetic report — the daughter is in prison for trying to stab an Israeli police officer. Not exactly “innocent.” But CNN doesn’t even say that. 

CNN got hit with a big Community Note on that one, justifiably so. How do you run a report like that, without saying why the daughter was imprisoned? That’s just deceptive. Hardly the same as a kidnapped baby. 

People excoriated CNN for their hot take, including actress Patricia Heaton. 

CNN certainly blew any claims of “standards” with this one. 

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