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D.C. Metro Police Department Officer Caught on Camera Saying They ‘Go Undercover With Antifa’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) sparked a spirited debate last week when he announced that House Republicans would be releasing all of the J6 footage. Since then, members of the chattering class have been going back and forth about the riot now that new evidence further demonstrates that the incident was not worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as was claimed by several on the left.

Now, a new revelation has emerged that could either add more complexity to the ongoing narratives about J6, or it could mean absolutely nothing at all. Just the News reported on bodycam footage from a D.C. Metro Police Officer in which he claimed that he and other officers routinely “go undercover with Antifa.”

Just the News on Tuesday obtained footage of an undercover Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer recorded by his body-worn camera behind police lines on the U.S. Capitol grounds. The footage was obtained directly from official sources and has not been altered.
He is seen giving water to his fellow police officers who were suffering from the effects of tear gas which the Capitol Police had deployed against the pro-Trump protestors. The footage showed the officer in plainclothes with a grey jacket. Spotted in the video and  identifying him as a police officer is a badge hanging around his neck.
While helping his fellow officer, the undercover officer told his colleague that “we go undercover as Antifa in a crowd.”

Naturally, this statement has ignited speculation about the true extent of the undercover operations that occurred during the riot. Given that it has already been revealed that the FBI and other agencies had informants in the group of people present at the Capitol Building on that day, this new information might raise even more questions about how local, state and federal law enforcement conducts its infiltrations.

Some might view the footage as even more proof that federal agents or informants were involved with Antifa and possibly instigated at least some of the violence at the Capitol building. There were already suspicions that at least a few Antifa operatives were participating in the violence.

However, the officer’s statement could also indicate something different. Perhaps he was discussing how he and his colleagues infiltrated Antifa demonstrations and other protests in order to identify and address potential threats. Indeed, other law enforcement agencies have gone undercover with Antifa and other groups during the George Floyd protests.

Without further context, it is difficult to understand precisely what the officer was referring to. However, it does further reinforce the reality that the circumstances surrounding the riot at the Capitol Building are not exactly straightforward. Until there is clarification, the officer’s comments only pile on another layer of complexity in a whirlwind of narratives, opinions, and outright lies about the incident.

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