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Black Chicagoans Ticked Off About Illegal Alien Invasion, Vow to Oust Democrats, Vote Republican

In this episode of “It All Looked Good on Paper”…

Remember when Democrat-run cities across the fruited plain first began to roll out their respective “sanctuary city status” policies? What compassion! What utopia! Just one problem. As more and more illegal aliens actually began to arrive in these hypocritical paradises, reality set in. 

Then came the Biden Border Crisis, and it wasn’t long before all hell broke loose — among the locals.

Welp, the city of Chicago now finds itself at the wrath of Chicagoans who’ve had enough of the invasion

In fact, a group of black Chicagoans recently rallied on the city’s South Side to warn City Hall and the City Council that they’re organizing an effort to defeat any city official who supports Mayor Brandon Johnson’s commitment to sanctuary city policies and the continued spending of millions of dollars on illegal aliens. 

Yep, they even vowed to vote Republican, if necessary, to kick offendingDemocrats the hell out of office.

These people went bottom-line in a hurry.

We’re here to say to black aldermen who are elected by the black citizens of Chicago that we are fed up with you not hearing our stress and our demands but rather do what you want to do to please the Democratic Party. 

We are fed up with you for not taking the lead to stop the buses. We are fed up with you for not demanding of [sic] Brandon Johnson to remove illegal immigrants from our community, and we’re also here to say we are denouncing Alderman William Hall and Lamont Robinson for going to the border to look into the eyes of illegal immigrants but has [sic] failed to look into the eyes of homeless black men women and children and other citizens of Chicago.

We have veterans who have served this country who are homeless. Have you looked into their eyes?

Alderman Yancey, Alderman Hall, Alderman Robinson — there are 58,440 homeless people in Chicago. We have black school-aged children sleeping in cars. Have you looked into their eyes? No, you have not.

Yet illegal immigrants are sleeping in hotels in the City of Chicago, paid [for] by the citizens of Chicago.

It’s very simple — and it has been for six decades. 

The Democrat Party has exploited black America since the early days of the Lyndon Johnson presidency. From hollow promises to lame excuses about why Democrats haven’t kept those hollow promises worked for decades, they continued to convince a majority of black America: “While we have not delivered on all of the promises we’ve made to you, just think how worse off you’d be if you didn’t have us to protect from the evil Republicans.” 

Harsh? Yes. True? Absolutely.

The speaker in the video did manage to work “the white corporate-dominated news media” into her speech.

The white corporate-dominated news media have been unwilling to discuss the role that has never happened before about how immigration is contributing to deteriorating economic and social conditions for blacks who live on the south and west sides of Chicago. If these mass immigration increases continues, all wages and employment for black workers and potential workers will fall.

Our position is that we will not quietly sit by and allow poor destitute people from around the world come to Chicago and be dumped into poor destitute communities in the city of Chicago to please the political agenda of black Alderman, the mayor of the city of Chicago, and the governor of the state of Illinois, as well as the President of the United States.


The group presented its list of demands to City Hall and the City Council:

The demands include:

  • We want the mayor to sign an executive order immediately ending sanctuary city.
  • Remove illegal immigrants from our city.
  • We demand that the mayor and the aldermen to not allow any more busloads of illegal immigrants into the city of Chicago.
  • We demand that the aldermen vote ‘no’ on the budget that assume an additional $150 million or more — or any amount for immigrants
  • We demand a funded office of freedmen for black descendants of American chattel slavery.
  • We support the candidacy of Republicans, independents, and Democrats who oppose sanctuary city.
  • We demand that you support Illinois African Americans equitable black school achievement.
  • And we demand that the land grab of senior citizens’ homes and to replace us with illegal immigrants.

The speaker concluded with what amounted to a threat to Chicago Democrat officials.

Those are our demands and this is what we expect our elected officials to do. They are not representing us. They are representing everybody else but us. In illegal immigration, and everything else, we voted for you to get into these positions of power so that you can represent our interests. 

And we have concluded that you’re not representing our interests. And we are organized. We’re organizing to remove any politician, black, white, otherwise, if you’re not going to represent the interests of black people in the City of Chicago.

Others spoke, as well, which you can view here.

Coincidentally — or not — shortly after the protest and list of demands happened, Johnson announced that illegal aliens who arrive in Chicago would be limited to a maximum of 60 days in city shelters — and then some.

Chicago, I heard you, and I hear you. This approach that we have right here is to make sure we are addressing the anxiety and fear that people have, whether you are a taxpayer or someone who is seeking asylum in the city of Chicago while speaking to our hopes and aspirations.

But the embattled mayor then added: “We will always be a welcoming city and a sanctuary city.”

Johnson then went full-blown doublespeak:

This is not an admission of questioning our values. This is actually an admission that we have to double down on our values. 

The 60-day notification, again with the expanded services on the back end, will provide these families with a quicker and faster way to be able to contribute to our economy. That is the purpose of this extension of our plan.

Johnson’s 2024 budget, if approved by City Hall, would aside $150 million to care for the more than 21,200 illegal aliens sent to Chicago from the southern border, many on buses paid for by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Through the end of 2023, the city plans to spend more than $363 million to care for illegals. 

But, hey — Brandon Johnson said it himself: “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city.”

Go figure.

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