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WATCH: ‘Journalist’ Slips Up and Admits Exactly Why He Published a Third Anti-Trump Book

ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jon Karl is without a doubt one of the most liberally biased reporters you will ever come across inside (or outside) the Beltway, a claim that is backed up when one considers how at one point during the Jen Psaki press secretary era, you couldn’t distinguish Karl’s “reporting” from Psaki’s daily press briefing claims.

 There was also this 2022 tweet from Karl, which I think speaks for itself:

Though that was a pretty brazen though inadvertent admission from Karl that he has, shall we say, partisan leanings, an appearance he made on Stephen Colbert’s show Thursday night left absolutely zero doubt.

Karl was there to promote his third anti-Trump book, titled “Tired of Winning,” which debuted Tuesday. During the alleged interview, Karl explained why he wrote the book — to influence voters to make another choice in 2024:

“There’s anxiety in the country. People have economic anxiety. There’s discontent with Joe Biden and I think there’s some superficially a sense of like ‘look, if only we can only go back to four years ago, the world was relatively at peace. Inflation was low. Everything was…’ I think there’s some of that and that’s why I wrote this book, because if people are going to go into this next election thinking about that, they also need to be thinking not just about what Trump was, but what he is now, and what he is proposing and planning to do, what a second Trump administration would look like. And I don’t think people have come to terms with that.” 

The left-wing audience of course clapped like seals, which is a big reason why Karl was there in the first place. Watch:

Regardless of what one thinks about Trump, if Karl had retired from ABC News, had gone independent, and was writing books like this, more power to him. It’s a free country. But he’s still supposedly an objective reporter who ABC News would like us to believe doesn’t have a political angle to push, when he’s out there questioning government officials and other public figures on the big issues of the day.

I mean this guy wears his bias on his sleeve 95 percent of the time, telling readers and viewers what to think instead of letting them decide for themselves. But we’re supposed to “respect journalists” by not questioning their methods because #Journalism is a sacred institution or whatever — and how dare we take issue with the way they go about their reporting, which to be brutally honest in Karl’s case, is the antithesis of what impartial reporting is actually supposed to look like? 

Consider, too, that some of the quotes Karl used from Trump were quotes he’s held on to for several years, and they are only now just seeing the light of day because he wanted to use them for a book he would write two, three years later. How is that journalism?

Sadly, this is all part and parcel of the insidiously incestuous relationship between the media, politicians, fact-checkers, and social media platforms, who all have a scratch my back (and other body parts), I scratch yours mentality as long as it gets them ahead and earns them plaudits from DC elitists — and sells books along the way:

“Jon Karl – who is now up to three books about Trump while ignoring the current guy in office – often gets overlooked as one of the most partisan Washington correspondents out there. This is supposed to be a reporter, but instead he runs to Colbert to tell people how to vote by ignoring inflation. Lucrative book deals allow him to do that.”

A majority of people in this country distrust the mainstream media for a reason, and we can thank Jon Karl for accidentally reminding us all over again why that is the case.

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  1. So about those IDF soldiers that were going up to their commanders about Hamas doing exercises and massing at the border weeks to months before the attack and their claims were rejected by their commanders to the point some soldiers were threatened with court martial if they brought it up again. Is anybody going to talk about that . Is this the government you want to trust with our money . Should not some commanders be getting court martialed themselves , while some soldiers should being advanced in rank do to who was stupid and who was warning of what was going on and what could happen. Does not some of this have don’t let a crisis go to waste written all over it . So again anybody going to talk about this at all.

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