Biden Gets Lost, Goes Off-Script With Remarks About Xi and Gavin Newsom That Have Everyone Talking

We noted some of the remarks that Joe Biden made about his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping last night. 

What was also notable was he seemed to have no real understanding of the threats posed by China. As I noted, he said he didn’t want to “decouple” from China. What did he bring up with Xi then? Nothing about some of the most important pressing issues. 

Biden claims he spoke with Xi about fentanyl but doesn’t mention the problem of China’s involvement with fentanyl coming across the southern border. Instead, he talks about people waking up dead. 

I’m not sure why they let him speak when they know he would probably gaffe. But he went off script and said something true, while Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared to be flipping out about it in the audience. Check the face and the hand-wringing. 

You can almost imagine the pleading in his head for Biden to stop talking. 

While Biden calls Xi a dictator, he doesn’t seem to understand the threats from China.

Then on Thursday at the APEC Summit,  he told a rambling story about Xi visiting America. So one minute Xi is a dictator, next thing he’s telling buddy stories about him. 

But then it was this comment about Gavin Newsom that — in addition to the comment about Xi being a dictator — has everyone talking and likely Biden campaign people flipping out.  Biden thanked him for the Summit and called him “one hell of a governor.” 

“Matter of fact, he could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for,” Biden said.   

Yeah, I’m sure that his campaign team didn’t want him saying that. Not a good idea to endorse the guy who wants the same job. 

Or was he just tipping off what might be coming next? Saying the quiet part out loud of what is on the Democratic agenda as Biden’s campaign continues to implode because of his issues? And of course, his judgment about Newsom is like so much of what Biden says and does — just straight-up wrong. Newsom has been a disaster for California whose policies would be harmful for America. He’s the guy who admitted cleaning the streets of San Francisco for Xi (but not for the regular residents). 

Then Biden got confused and lost again at the end of his remarks as he tried to leave the stage. The music plays — the cue to Joe to leave — yet he has no idea where he’s going. How does this keep happening? 

These are the clips we’re seeing in public. God knows what mistakes he made with Xi in private. 

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