Media Malpractice Continues as the BBC ‘Misquotes’ Story, Uses Hamas Talking Points Instead

It has been eye-opening for some, though admittedly par for the course for others, to watch the mainstream media embrace Hamas and the people who support them as right and honorable people and to attack Israel for daring to defend itself.

But it’s par for the course for a group of people who have been raised by and through institutions devoted to the idea that the Israeli people are white colonizers oppressing the poor Palestinians. History be damned, of course, as the Jews have a historic claim to the land that far predates the Palestinians. But the plight of Hamas, a terror organization with the authority of a ruling government, is something major media outlets and their reporters sympathize with.

Take, for example, this egregious report from the BBC.

You’ll note, of course, the extremely awkward phrasing there, especially when it comes to “targeting Arab-speakers.” That’s pure Hamas propaganda playing up the “genocide” angle that’s so popular in the West right now. There is no evidence that the Israel Defense Force is doing that. In fact, the IDF itself said they were going to specifically target Hamas operatives to try and avoid civilian casualties.

The network had to offer a retraction and an apology because it’s extremely clear there were no editors on duty or, just as likely (if not more likely), the editors on duty also think Israel is both evil enough to do such a thing and dumb enough to announce it.

The problem for the BBC, as the tweet above explains, is that this is all too common for the news outlet these days. It’s Journalism 101. Gather facts, verify facts, and report the facts. The original report was clearly written by a journalist lazy enough and/or hostile enough toward Israel to just use Hamas’ words to describe what was happening at a hospital in Gaza – a hospital Hamas uses as a base of operations so that Israel would be forced to attack it.

Hence the IDF explaining that their mission was to avoid hurting civilians. 

It goes far beyond media malpractice and media bias. This is media hostility that we really don’t see outside of, say, the treatment of Donald Trump. Reporters, anchors, writers, and pundits are out there actively working to destroy the reputation of an entire nation and justify its eradication. There is a pass given to people on the left who say the most egregious things, who happily recite “from the river to the sea” and pretend it’s a call for peaceful coexistence when we know better

Our institutions – at home and abroad – which are supposed to be sharing information are instead sharing propaganda and openly aligning against not just an entire nation but a people with a long history of being oppressed, subjugated, and murdered. 

It’s all in support of evil.

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