WATCH: CNN Host Nails Biden Campaign Official on How Bad Things Are, His Response Makes Things Worse

The Biden team frequently says that they have a problem with messaging. That’s why the American people just aren’t getting how wonderful everything is under Joe Biden. 

I’ve said in the past the problem isn’t the messaging, the problem is bad policy. The American people get the issues exactly because they’re the ones who are suffering under Biden, they’re the ones who have to pay more for everything. Indeed if there’s a problem with the messaging, it’s this continual claim — that the American people are somehow too stupid and just need to be propagandized a bit more to get it. 

That’s not going over well, given Biden’s approval numbers are in the basement and the latest polls have him losing in most of the battleground states to former President Donald Trump. 

The Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler went on CNN to try to promote their messaging and he got nailed with a great question from Victor Blackwell. Blackwell referenced what this woman said about having to work three jobs. 

This 2020 Biden voter said she had to work more because she was having to pay more for things, including paying more for her house. 

Blackwell notes that Biden says no one should have to work two jobs just to stay out of poverty. Yet under Biden, 8.4 million are having to work two jobs he said. “When people are looking for that economic shift, they don’t feel it.”  He asked what Tyler had to say to the woman they just featured who doesn’t feel it, who has three jobs. 

Tyler’s response defied belief, “That’s precisely why we need another four years to finish the job.” 

We’ve done such a horrible job, please give us four more years so that we can truly finish all of you guys off. Not exactly the flex that he thinks that is. 

Then of course he tries to blame “MAGA extremists” who aren’t responsible for how Biden has so damaged the economy.  He claimed that Biden wanted to “get all of this done” but said he had to be “honest” about the “brick wall of MAGA extremism that they continued to run into in trying to get things done for the American people.” 

The problem is that doesn’t even begin to touch reality, and people know they had it better economically under former President Donald Trump. It wasn’t that long ago. Everything costs more, especially food and housing.  People know how much is coming out of their wallets and how much more they’re having to juggle just to make ends meet. They know it’s not the fault of the “MAGA extremists,” the only term the Biden team seems to know to try to deflect from their failures. 

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  1. The only job Biden wants to finish is completely crushing the entire middle class. We are the strongest voting block in this country and the history of this country and the only way they can turn this country over the social limbs of englobalism is to crush the middle class, which will bring on the Civil War, which they will regret to the day they die and I do mean done, they got plenty of room to shoot off your mouth but they’re too stupid to get out of their own way. And if they think the American public are the dumb assage, guess what they better think again cause I Alone have a higher guide cue than everybody working in the white houe not to mention my common sense Show abundant that I could share a bunch of it with them that might help them fix what they screwed up. You know we’re taught as young children to accept consequences for our actions was time. The Democratic Party gets pounded with all the consequence of jail time. Execution for treason, exile. Sent to a sent to Communist socialist country which they seem to love. to live out the rest of their days in horror but we, as the American people will not stand by and let it happen and that goes for all these woke groups. Shut your d*** mouth act like the civilized human beings and get along or get out. promise you’re mild like you alone is higher than all the people in them and Congress and best lays the White House. Buy an outfit for d*** economic problems. You brain dead dumb f*** y** will never be President again. Ever and Michelle, keep your Dick between your legs. Keep f****** your husband i* t** a**And l stay out of politics

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