Israel Announces Take No Prisoners Approach to ‘Journalists’ Who Particpated in Hamas Attack

In perhaps the most surreal news since Hamas entered Israel on October 7th, slaughtering 1,400 people, it was revealed on Wednesday that multiple “photojournalists” accompanied the terrorists as they attacked. 

As RedState reported, multiple “photojournalists” who were contracted by outlets like CNN and the Associated Press, posted pictures of themselves riding into Israel with Hamas. In some instances, actual Israeli hostages can be seen. Their presence alone raised a myriad of questions surrounding what these “photojournalists” knew about the timing of the attack. Obviously, they had prior knowledge, otherwise, they wouldn’t have known to be there. Instead of reporting what was going to happen to those who could prevent it, they happily participated. 

Perhaps more disturbing was the possibility that the U.S. news organizations they were working for knew what was going on. On that front, both the AP and CNN put out statements categorically denying they were told what was going to happen. They also severed ties with the “photojournalists” in question. 

To be clear, when I say “participated,” that’s exactly what looks to have occurred. One picture, uploaded by one of the “photojournalists” to his own Facebook page, shows him actually holding a grenade. 

Outrage rightfully ensued after the series of revelations, which led to the next obvious question: What is Israel going to do about it?

Well, if these “photojournalists” thought they had immunity for participating in a terrorist attack, they thought wrong. According to Israeli UN representative and Knesset member Danny Danon, they will be added to the termination list. 

Some are already crying foul over the decision, but what else should Israel be expected to do? You are not a journalist when you carry a grenade into a terror attack while not offering any warning to the thousands who are about to be killed, injured, and taken hostage. This is not a situation where someone was legitimately embedded during a war. 

It’s also obvious that these “photojournalists” tried to help cover up the atrocities committed. They just so happened to get zero pictures of civilians being killed despite being on the scene as the murderers were happening. Does anyone believe that wasn’t purposeful? 

Actual journalism does not exist in Gaza. Hamas controls the flow of information, and those who actively assist them are not journalists. They are terrorists. These “photojournalists” should have thought twice before placing their lives in the hands of a terrorist government.

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