Ratio in Progress: Hakeem Jeffries’ Attempt to Shame ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Goes Hilariously Wrong

Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, House minority leader and successor to Nancy Pelosi, is currently on the receiving end of a brutal ratio’ing over on X/Twitter. You might even call it a good, old-fashioned “tweetdown.”

While the rest of the country talks about the disaster that is today’s Democrat Party — from Rashida Tlaib advocating for genocide to a Democrat candidate’s cringeworthy “pee tape” to Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers — Jeffries figured he’d try a little gaslighting of America by posting this gem on Tuesday morning:

Who are these “right-wing extremists” and what did they do to — and apologies for this second reference — pee in his cornflakes? It’s not exactly clear, but it’s likely tied to the fact that the government will run out of money on November 17 (gasp!), and newly minted Republican speaker Mike Johnson has yet to put forth a budget. Johnson is scheduled to meet with the House Republican Conference on Tuesday to discuss a short-term spending bill, so Jeffries’ tweet was likely meant as some kind of warning shot.

Jeffries has zero moral ground on which to stand as he helps lead a party in disarray over its failing president and its tendency to enable dangerous whack jobs like Rashida Tlaib to speak on their behalf. The good people of X/Twitter recognized this, of course, and responded in kind.

A sampling of reactions:

  • “Right Wing Extremists” is the new whiny tone from the Left when they can’t get their way. (source)
  • You mean like you allowing bloodstained handprints on the Whitehouse gates by Left-Wing Extremists? (source)
  • The script today calls for “right-wing extremists” because a left-wing extremist murdered a Jewish protestor yesterday and they desperately need a distraction. (source)

That last comment is right on the money. Projection, distraction, obfuscation — that’s all the Democrats have as they free fall into disarray. Funnily enough, Jeffries tweeted just days ago a call for unity, something he clearly has no desire to pursue. 

The topic of Israel is a particular weak spot for Jeffries, one that AOC, Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib exploit on a regular basis. As we’ve previously reported, Jeffries has received campaign contributions from AIPAC PAC, as have many other Democrats and has, in turn, voiced his support for the organization and its mission to shore up relations between Israel and the United States. When the extreme left flank of his party (the Hamas Caucus) becomes the de facto spokesperson for the House Democrats on foreign policy, Jeffries has a big problem on his hands. And it’s not “right-wing extremists.”

Hakeem Jeffries should spend less time spouting inanities on X/Twitter and more time on getting his own house in order. He is left looking foolish on a regular basis as The Squad runs circles around him. No need for him to make things worse by foolishly taking to social media to make himself look even worse.

We do appreciate a good ratio, though.

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  1. Hakeem Jeffries is another TDR afflicted moron typical Democ🐀bastrds as sholes. Progressivelymore divisive and fascists trying to end the American dream — he is as stupid as Kamala

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