Luttig: Trump Is Disqualified from Presidency — He’s an ‘Imminent Danger’ to U.S.


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  1. luttig should never been a judge he is an incompetent moron. Judges are suppose to be a free mind you leaves politics outside the court room. I think he has a severe problem with the bottle.

  2. It’s not the former president and his buddies that ignore the Constitution and America’s laws! It’s a shame our media publishes/reports such lies as this, and people actually believe it! When the enemies of our country turn on its own it won’t be so much “fun” to turn our country into a hell hole anymore…

    And all heard Trump’s speech to attend rally PEACEFULLY
    THAT JUDGE(?) OUT OF TOUCH ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA TODAY! AND THE FACT THST HE IS A DEMOCRAT. I’ve worked with judges….they are mostly liberal and is reason we have REPEATED CRIME TODAY! He holds NO. weight!

  4. Me thinks that the “Judge” does not have faith (Or is it respect.), in the judgment of the American voter, so he thinks it is up to knowledgeable men such as himself, this homegrown American elitist, to inform the voters. In other words, the “Judge” is saying, “HEY STUPID, LISTEN UP, STOP THINKING FOR YOUR IGNORANT SELF, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU WHO YOU CAN VOTE FOR. YOU NEED TO KNOW NOTHING MORE THAN WHAT I TELL YOU. VOTING IS TOO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHO TO VOTE FOR.”

  5. Who is this psychotic DS mouthpiece, and just how much dirt do they have on this “judge” (or how much has he been paid) whose deranged, inaccurate lies and narratives prompt him to parrot BS? His derangement and lack of any clarity or truth expose him for what he is — not just a servant of satan, but a well-controlled puppet living on the corrupt DS plantation. He must be a major pedo to be able to be blackmailed and controlled to the extent that he is being controlled. Poor little spineless puppet, controlled by his masters.

  6. Threats to Democracy? Uh, let’s see…….Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Putin, China, Hamas, AOC,
    Tlaib, Obama, WOKE, Critic Race Theory, Globalist, environmentalist agenda. Need I go on?

  7. The Constitution and Bill of Rights also state (as well as federal law) that until President Trump is completely convicted in a court of law by a jury of his peers (evenly Democrat and true Republican ( not RINOS ) he still has the freedom to run as a presidential candidate AND perform the duties of president UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!!
    A one sided trial (Democrats) is no trial! It is unfair, illegal, traitorous, the the greatest act of insurrection to this country!
    As an educated Democrat of Constitutional Law, I stand with DJT! Thank you. Trump has my vote 100%!

  8. By this judges comments, Biden is the one who is disqualified for aiding and abetting our enemies – NOT President Trump! The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States describes Biden to the “t”. He’s the one who is committing TREASON and must be removed.

  9. The trouble with this argument is that he wasn’t involved in an insurrection, it was all Pelosi’s fault. There is no way anybody could have come in unless she ordered the door locks popped and the doors opened for them to come in. If they didn’t want them in there why did the cops who were already inside waiting for them open the doors and invite them in, you can see them do this on the videos.

  10. The Judges phrase below says everything……. every single democrat should be kicked out of office, arrested and thrown in jail just on his words alone….. how many of the democrats have sided with our enemies over the all mighty dollar…
    judge luttig quote: ” that an individual who’s engaged in an insurrection or rebellion having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and thereafter engaged in an insurrectional rebellion against the Constitution of the United States should be disqualified from holding high public office thereafter.”

  11. Blah,blah,blah!!!! President Trump DID NOT engage in any insurrection!!! Nor did the other persons that have been convicted as such. We all know what happened and who engaged in what!!!!

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