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Rashida Tlaib Releases Astonishing Propaganda Video That Confirms Her Hatred for Jews

It’s hard to imagine there’s a more antisemitic person in the U.S. than Congress’ own Rashida Tlaib. Every time she opens her mouth these days, she spews incendiary, hateful rhetoric against the Jewish state, even as Jews in her own country fear for their safety. The fact is, Tlaib doesn’t care about them and probably would prefer they go away — by any means necessary.

It’s clear she doesn’t care about those who are being held hostage in Gaza after being brutally ripped from their homes in Israel. She hasn’t once expressed remorse about that or called for them to be returned to their families. 

No, Rashida Tlaib is 100 percent aligned, instead, with the antisemitic mobs that, throbbing with self-righteous rage, are taking to college campuses and the streets of U.S. cities demanding, well, the extermination of Jews. Those are her people, and there’s no denying it.

You don’t need much more proof of her hatred for Jews than the video she released Friday. In it, she berates the Biden administration for supporting Israel and claims Joe Biden “supported the genocide of the Palestinian people.” 

She punctuates her angry outburst at Biden by cherrypicking video clips of anti-Israel protests from across the country. She shows the rare moments the bloodthirsty throngs are in control of themselves, and conveniently leaves out the more common scenes of rage, hate, and violence. These are not good people — they wear masks to hide the evil contorting their faces, they burn American flags, they hold up swastikas, they call for the blood of Jews and the extermination of Israel. Total annihilation is the goal. That’s the ugly truth, and Rashida Tlaib is the face of it.

The video is pure propaganda. Leni Riefenstahl would be proud.



The Big Lie she is trying to perpetuate here is that the pro-Hamas crowd merely wants a ceasefire. If everyone would just lay down their weapons, things would be hunky dory. Except she exposes the truth by including a clip from a Michigan rally where the crowd is chanting: “From the river to the sea!”

Philip Klein of The National Review does a great job unpacking what that means:

The issue is that “from the river to the sea” refers to the entire area in between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea — an area that encompasses not just territories captured by Israel in 1967 during the Six-Day War, but the entirety of Israel. Referring to that entire area as “Palestine” is not a call to end the occupation, to create a two-state solution, or even to return Israel to the borders that existed before 1967. It is a call for the elimination of Israel in its entirety. Israel is home to nearly half of the world’s Jewish population. The only way you can eliminate Israel and turn that whole area into Palestine is by killing millions of Jews.

And that’s exactly what Tlaib wants. (If you want a good laugh, check out her lame attempt to redefine the chant as an “aspirational call for freedom.”)

At one point in the video, she directs this comment to Joe Biden: “Mr. President, the American people are not with you on this one.” That’s the other Big Lie. Recent polling shows Americans overwhelmingly side with Israel in the wake of the October 7 terror attack. One survey “found that 84 percent of respondents sided more with Israel in the Israel-Hamas war, compared to 16 percent who sided with Hamas.”

Tlaib ends the video with a promise to Biden: “We will remember in 2024.” Well, toots, that street goes both ways. The Democrats need to rid Congress of this cancer by running a strong primary challenger against Tlaib. Mere censuring is too good for her; she, and her hateful rhetoric, have got to go.

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