Connecticut Judge Tosses Election Results After Video of Ballot Fraud Emerges

A Connecticut judge threw out the results of a Democrat primary after video emerged appearing to show multiple individuals stuffing multiple absentee ballots into a drop box.

Voters in Bridgeport, Connecticut are set to go to the polls Tuesday despite Superior Court Judge William Clark throwing out the results of the September 12 primary.

“The volume of ballots so mishandled is such that it calls the result of the primary election into serious doubt and leaves the court unable to determine the legitimate result of the primary,” Clark’s ruling reads.

The video, allegedly leaked by a whistleblower in the city government, depicts what appears to be individuals allegedly depositing multiple ballots to the ballot drop box.

One individual is alleged to be a supporter of Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim, who defeated challenger John Gomes by only 251 votes.

Only a voter or a voter’s designee can drop a ballot in an absentee ballot collection box in Connecticut.

Gomes sued to have the results overturned.

Clark, who called the level of apparent fraud “shocking,” has no authority to halt next week’s general election, which is still set for Tuesday, according to the Hartford Courant.

If Ganim wins, another Democrat primary will take place, according to the court’s order.

Gomes is running in the general election as an independent.

Clark was nominated to the bench by Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont in 2021.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said fraud of this nature is the inevitable result of mail-in and large-scale absentee ballots. He referenced findings of a bipartisan report saying that mail-in balloting is dangerous, saying drop boxes clearly fall in the same category.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that there were all kinds of concerns with the last presidential election because they told us that [fraud would occur],” he said, tying the clear fraud in the Connecticut case to claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election during the COVID-19 pandemic which utilized mailed and absentee ballots to an unprecedented degree.

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