Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik Goes to War With the ADL

Chaya Raichik, otherwise known as Libs of TikTok, has apparently had enough. On Tuesday, she threw down the gauntlet, giving the Anti-Defamation League until October 31st to remove her name from its “Glossary of Extremism.”

Raichik first gained notoriety (after being doxxed) by reposting TikTok videos illustrating the absurdities of the left. Since then, she has grown her brand to include original reporting, with a heavy emphasis on situations involving transgenderism and children.

For that, the ADL listed Raichik, who is a practicing Jew, among the likes of Hamas, a terrorist group which exists to commit genocide against Jews. She’s now fighting back.

It seems all but certain given the language used that Raichik is planning to take legal action. How successful that would be, I’m not sure, but what other choice does she have? For decades, left-wing “watchdogs” and advocacy groups have used their air of authority to allegedly defame conservatives, many times for the most common sensical political views.

Raichik is not extreme for having traditional views on sex and gender. Views, I might add, that essentially everyone held until a decade or so ago. Certainly, she’s not extreme for believing that children should not be exposed to various levels of sexuality. For the ADL to attack her as they have is grotesque. 

It’s also an example of how the ADL’s mission creep has destroyed the organization’s credibility. The ADL is supposed to exist to fight antisemitism. Instead, it has become a left-wing catch-all that focuses on all manner of supposed “extremism,” much of which is largely manufactured for political ends. Clearly, when they are lumping in a Jewish woman, who has never uttered anything antisemitic, with violent terrorists, something is wrong. 

That’s unfortunate given how prevalent antisemitism has become, especially following Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel on October 7th. Now would be a great time to have a serious organization that actually takes antisemitism seriously. Instead, the ADL couches everything it does in left-wing politics, and for that, they simply aren’t able to meet the moment. 

Perhaps if they’d focus less on “LGBT+” politics and more on what they ostensibly exist to do, it wouldn’t be that way. Perhaps Raichik will serve as a vehicle to bring change on that front. 

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