WATCH: Israeli Navy Delivers Decisive Doom to Hamas’ Attempt to Infiltrate by Sea

Israel took a big hit in the attack on October 7, with Hamas coming in from many directions. More than 1400 Israelis were killed, many more injured and still others kidnapped back to Gaza by the terrorists. 

But one area in which Israel handed a big rejection to Hamas was when the terrorists tried to infiltrate by sea during the attack near Ashdod.

“Israeli Navy ‘Snapir‘ Unit opened fire on terrorists who were swimming toward the shoreline in an attempt to infiltrate Israel by sea,” the IDF said. “Soldiers thwarted a number of terrorists, preventing them from reaching the coastline.” 
The video shows Hamas speedboats on fire. Surviving terrorists were seen swimming in the sea, along with Hamas divers, as the Snapir unit opened fire and used depth charges from small Defender-class boats, the Times of Israel reported.

It didn’t go well who tried to get away as the Israelis lit them up with gunfire and depth charges. Snapir is the harbor security unit.

They found out you do not mess with the Snapir Unit. 

We saw how capable the Israeli forces could be when the Flotilla 13 elite unit was deployed to the area surrounding the Gaza security fence to help regain control of the Sufa military post. The soldiers allegedly rescued around 250 hostages alive. 60-plus Hamas terrorists were neutralized and 26 were apprehended—including Muhammad Abu A’ali the Deputy Commander of the Hamas Southern Naval Division, according to the Israelis. 

Israel was surprised on October 7, but they have a lot of military superiority, which they are now about to employ full force against Hamas and it isn’t going to be pretty. I think it’s fair to say that Israel is not going to be messing around anymore, and wants to deliver the coup de grace to Hamas this time. They’ve had enough. 

We already have folks like Joe Biden trying to hem in Israel’s response and play this game that Israel must be “fair” to the Palestinians and make sure that everything is done according to Hoyle and they get aid. Expect more of that as this goes forward and Israel starts delivering even more punishment to Hamas. But Hamas didn’t care about what might happen to the people of Gaza when they launched this attack. Indeed, they are hoping it all blows up into a wider war, that’s why we see the posturing and fighting from Hezbollah in the north as well. 

They’re trying to take Israel out and Israel has to do all it can to protect itself. Israel told the people of Gaza to evacuate, but Hamas has told them to stay so they can continue to use them as human shields and posturing in the blame game. 



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  2. Joe Biden, his administration, and the Democrats need to keep their noses out of this confilct as they have been total failures in foreign affairs and have no idea what they are doing. Let the Isreal defence forces take care of business as they know how to do it. That is the ONLY way to deal with terrorists who what to kill them all. Palestine is not even a recognized country and left over from ancient times. Airatat named this area in his terrorist times as Palestine, which was controlled by Great Britian. This area was originally the Jews area and the Arabs cannot stand it.

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