After Demands for ‘Proof,’ Pictures of Murdered Babies in Israel Are Released

In one of the most shocking reports to come out of Israel following Hamas’ deadly invasion, an Israeli news outlet reported that recovery teams had found 40 murdered babies, with the number possibly being higher. Even more horrifying, some of them were reportedly beheaded and burned alive. 

There was much skepticism shown initially, with some claiming the i24 reporter had “backtracked” on her claim. She hadn’t actually done so, but that quickly became irrelevant when CBS News, CNN, and other mainline outlets confirmed the atrocities had taken place. Later, a report that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had been shown the pictures further cemented what had happened.

Still, some remained skeptical, and after days of denials and demands for proof, pictures have been released.

For multiple reasons, I’m not going to directly post the images in this write-up. I also do not recommend you go seek them out given the horrifying nature of them. It’s truly one of those things you will not be able to unsee. But if you are someone or you know someone who is still skeptical, you can very easily find them on social media. That’s as far as I’ll go in directing people to their location. 

So what do the pictures show? One is of a bloodied baby in an unzipped body bag that appears to have been shot in the head. The child appears to be about six months old. Another photo shows the charred remains of a baby that was burned alive by the terrorists who invaded the Kibbutz. That’s as far into describing the pictures as I feel comfortable going.

What truly angers me, though, is that it even came to this. We shouldn’t have needed to see pictures of these massacred babies. There was already more confirmation on that story than almost any other story in recent memory. You had multiple governments and somewhere upwards of a dozen different news outlets all saying these babies were murdered. Yet, there were still people, including supposed “journalists” suggesting that the entire scene was manufactured disinformation from the Israeli military. 

Why would anyone doubt Hamas’ barbary? We’ve seen them torture and kill civilians for decades. We’ve seen them use children as human shields. We’ve seen them locate their headquarters below a hospital. Of all the entities in the world, Hamas deserves the benefit of the doubt the least. So why was there such a rush to dismiss the claims?

That doesn’t mean that the Palestinian people should all be killed in retribution. It doesn’t mean that Israel should purposely target civilians as payback as some have suggested. Those making those calls are no better. There is never a reason to intentionally target women and children, no matter who they are.

Hamas is doing just that, and they have been for a very long time. To deny the atrocities committed over the last week is akin to Holocaust denial at this point. At least 1,200 people are dead. They didn’t just disappear. They weren’t just collateral damage in a broader military campaign. They were the targets, and there’s ample evidence that many were murdered in horrific ways.

Again, those pictures never needed to see the light of day, but to those who demanded proof, you have your proof. Unfortunately, for some, it still won’t be enough.

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