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Constitution says no, Senator: Tammy Duckworth shares fantasy of an America WITHOUT your rights

Every few days or so, another Democrat takes their turn boldly declaring a ban on ‘assault weapons,’ whatever those are. Every time, the American people remind them the Constitution says, ‘nuh-uh Senator.’

Today is no different.

Solutions? Nobody asked for solutions!

Where exactly do they think these ‘assault weapons’ are going to run off to once banned? Who will be collecting them all?

As for that hypothetical fantasy of yours, Senator.

She just wants to save lives! Isn’t that enough?

They just keep repeating the same meaningless slogans over and over and their base cheers them on. But in the real world, the practical one where people have rights regarding these issues, it is absolute nonsense. Totalitarian nonsense.

Maybe try again on your next turn, Senator.

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  1. You can always tell that the idiots calling for a ban on assault weapons have no idea what an assault weapon is. True assault weapons are used by law enforcement and the military. What these people call assault weapons are semi automatic rifles and pistols which come from the factory to only fire one shell at a time with the squeeze of the trigger every time. These so called liberals continue to lie about what assault weapons are. The second amendment shall not be infringed upon which liberals are continuing to do with unconstitutional bills and executive orders. They want to disarm the American people so they can’t rise up against a tyrannical government or defend themselves from an invasion.

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