Nancy Pelosi Ordered to Vacate Her Office by New Acting Speaker, and the Tears Start Immediately

Kevin McCarthy is out as Speaker of the House. What that means going forward for Republicans isn’t known yet, but there is some objectively good news that broke on Tuesday evening.

Following McCarthy’s ouster, acting Speaker Patrick McHenry ordered Nancy Pelosi to leave the special hideaway office she didn’t relinquish following her party’s defeat in the 2022 mid-terms. The email notifying Pelosi’s office of the order to get out got right to the point, noting that the office will be re-keyed if she doesn’t leave.

As one of his first acts as the acting speaker, Rep. Patrick McHenry ordered former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vacate her Capitol hideaway office by Wednesday, according to an email sent to her office viewed by POLITICO.

“Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed,” wrote a top aide on the Republican-controlled House Administration Committee. The room was being reassigned by the acting speaker “for speaker office use,” the email said.

McHenry is a close ally of McCarthy, and this is almost certainly well-deserved retaliation. According to McCarthy, as part of the passage of the recent 45-day clean continuing resolution, Pelosi had promised to not support Gaetz if a motion to vacate was filed. Instead, the former Democrat Speaker stabbed now former Republican Speaker in the back and actually encouraged her caucus not to save McCarthy. In the end, Democrats joined with a small group of Republicans to end McCarthy’s tenure.

I suppose the lesson is to not make deals with Nancy Pelosi, but what’s done is done, and it’s good to see McHenry striking back. Naturally, Pelosi cried and moaned about the decision.

The former speaker blasted the eviction in a statement as “a sharp departure from tradition,” adding that she had given former Speaker Dennis Hastert “a significantly larger suite of offices for as long as he wished” during her tenure.

Oh, it was a “sharp departure from tradition?” So was ousting a sitting Speaker, but Pelosi had no problem helping make that happen. Democrats play for keeps, and the only way to respond to their ruthlessness is with ruthlessness.

The band-aid was ripped off in a variety of ways with McCarthy’s ouster. Going forward, there should be no presumption that the opposition party won’t get involved in the majority’s fight over who will be Speaker. Pelosi wanted to cause chaos and chaos she should receive. That starts with making her staffers haul her big screen TV and the rest of her belongings out of her prestigious office.

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