Sen. Katie Britt Delivers Incredibly Powerful Testimony of the Blood on Joe Biden’s Hands at the Border

The ongoing border crisis continues to get worse, and there’s no end to the chaos in sight. Joe Biden has steadfastly refused to take any meaningful actions to stem the flow of illegal immigration, and the results have been horrific for all of those involved.

Sen. Katie Britt spoke on the issue on Wednesday and delivered an incredible rebuke of the administration’s border policies. Her words might be the most vivid, powerful description of the suffering occurring I’ve ever seen a politician give.

Normally, I’d try to keep the excerpts light, but I took the time to transcribe it all because it’s that important.

BRITT: Guys, I would have never seen the border first-hand if this woman didn’t know that I needed to see it immediately upon entering the United States Senate. I followed up with a trip with John Cornyn because they care. These people down there, Sen. Blackburn would talk to them, she knew them. We walked through and we got to hear women tell us their story, and their stories are brutalizing, and to Sen. Cruz’s point, if you’re not telling it, that’s on you because when a woman sits there and tells you not just about being raped, but how many times a day she’s raped. When she tells you about having to lay in that bed while they come in and out and in and out. It’s disgusting and it’s despicable. 

Folks, when you look at the number of people that have died at the border because Joe Biden has made it more and more enticing to come here. Make no mistake, this is a result of failed policies. We could fix this. We can’t throw money at this and fix it. We have to actually change the policies. 

I’ve looked in the eyes of CBP agents who said we’re exhausted. We’re not only having to be paper pushers, we’re also trying to do what we took an oath of office to do, and that is protect this border. But when they tell you about finding small children who have drowned in that river or pulling the lifeless body of a woman who was pregnant with twins. It changes the way you think about what’s happening. Drug cartels, guys, they have their tentacles all over this country. We need you to start telling that story. 

To Sen. Cruz’s point, they will tell you exactly how much they paid to get here, then they’ll tell you where they’re going, what their job is going to be, and how much more they owe. Got it? And guess what, just the other day in Alabama, a gentleman told me, “If you will come back here with me in this neighborhood right behind you, you will see migrants who are here illegally, and they will tell you about the drug cartels coming around every other week to collect.” Guys, that’s not the American dream, that’s an American nightmare.

Britt’s description of how women are raped is the kind of thing the current administration doesn’t want to talk about. Likewise, it’s the kind of thing the mainstream press doesn’t want to talk about. To them, the illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border in droves are just faceless pawns in their political game. To those who actually have a sense of humanity, they are individuals with husbands, wives, and children. They are people with hopes and dreams.

As Britt says, being sold into quasi-slavery is not the American dream. Biden’s policies have literally set up a system of indentured servitude within the United States, and it is the drug cartels that profit. None of this stops until the policies change. That means revamping the abused asylum system. It means ending catch and release. It means immediate deportation for economic migrants.

If politicians in Washington don’t take those steps, the giant welcome sign will remain, and people will keep coming, and if they keep coming, they will keep dying. They will keep getting raped. They will keep getting abused by the cartels. Further, American citizens will continue to pay the financial and societal costs associated with all of that.

There is nothing compassionate about encouraging women and children to make a dangerous journey at the behest of the drug cartels. Blood is on Biden’s hands as well as the rest of the Democratic Party. This has to stop.

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