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AOC’s Amusing Answers: Why Rubio Is Responsible for Flood of Illegal Aliens, Why She Still Has Her Tesla

If we were kind, we could say that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has some “unique” views of the world.

If we were less kind and more blunt, however, we would say that being a socialist doesn’t help anyone provide any kind of reasonable solutions for problems.

Ocasio-Cortez was being interviewed on “Face the Nation” Sunday with Margaret Brennan when she offered up her opinion as to who was responsible for Venezuelans flooding illegally across the border.

AOC claimed that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) authoring the sanctions then imposed on the socialist Maduro government “took a large part in the driving of populations to our Southern border.” She claimed that the sanctions precipitated the “dramatic increases,” so Congress needs to “address the root” of the problem.

Brennan then brought a little reality into the situation and said, “You know the Maduro government has also been responsible for large parts of that? Are you saying that you want the Biden administration to pull back the pressure on him?”

“I think we need to reexamine the nature of these sanctions,” she argued.

People are fleeing Venezuela because of the horrible socialist government. But the New York socialist wants to “reexamine” the sanctions so her socialist buddies can crush the people a little more? Imagine trying to blame Marco Rubio and the United States for trying to hold the socialist dictator to account. Yes, I’m sure letting up the sanctions will cause the people to stop fleeing the hellhole. Not. They’re one of the few groups that may have some legitimate political reasons for asking for political asylum.

But with Democrats, particularly the radical kind, it’s somehow never the fault of the horrible policies of socialism. It’s always the fault of the U.S., and in this case, Rubio.

Then of course, Joe Biden could also just enforce the law as well and…wait for it…not wave everyone in. But enforcing the law is probably too much to expect from a Democrat.

Her comments were precipitated by her radical policies, and she also showed how twisted she was when it came to other remarks in the interview about her Tesla.

Brennan asked if she was still driving a non-union Tesla: “You were quoted back in July saying you look forward to buying a union-made electric vehicle, but you currently have a non-union-made Tesla … why?”

AOC claimed that she bought it during the pandemic and was “looking into ” buying a new vehicle. Uh huh.

Can I note that she said essentially this same thing about looking into another car when she was nailed for the same reason back in May of last year?

The Green New Deal-backing progressive congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens told Bloomberg News that she’s itching to switch to an electric car that is manufactured by a company that employs union members.

The Democrat told Bloomberg News on Wednesday that she purchased her Tesla Model 3 back in 2020 in order to make it easier to travel between her local district and Washington, DC.

“At the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one, or one-and-a-half charges,” she said. “I would love to switch.”

The only battery-powered vehicles that are made domestically by unionized workers are the Chevrolet Bolt, the Bolt EUV, and the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

AOC is so itching to switch that she hasn’t done so in more than a year. Why? Likely Because it’s easier to charge and operate the Tesla. So much for her principles.

She also said we shouldn’t be giving money to Tesla.

“For far too long, we gave money to Tesla, we gave money to a ton of people and we got no return on our investment that the public made in creating technologies, and it’s about time we get our due because it’s the public that funded and financed a lot of innovative technologies,” AOC said during a climate summit.

Yet she did give money to Elon Musk’s company, and that was after she made these remarks.

In other words, she’s just a hypocrite. She can dish out the words, but she can’t apply her radical policies to her own life. And she refuses to see how those radical policies have harmed countries like Venezuela and, increasingly, our own country.

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