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Trump Slams Woke Howard Stern: ‘A Broken Weirdo, Unattractive Both Inside and Out’

Former President Donald Trump took a flamethrower to Howard Stern, calling the woke radio host “a broken weirdo, unattractive both inside and out, trying like hell to be relevant.”

In a Truth Social post on Saturday, President Trump called out Stern for embracing woke-ism and alienating many of his fans who preferred his shock-jock persona over his new persona as a left-wing activist.

“The real Howard Stern is a weak, pathetic, and disloyal guy, who lost his friends and MUCH of his audience,” Trump wrote.

“I did his show many times in the good old days, and then he went woke, and nobody cares about him any longer,” he continued. Stern’s “influence is gone, and without that, he’s got NOTHING.”

He added: “Just a broken weirdo, unattractive both inside and out, trying like hell to be relevant.”

Stern recently re-affirmed his wokeness in a recent episode of his Sirius XM show.

“I am woke, motherfucker, and I love it!” he said.

“By the way, I kind of take that as a compliment, that I’m woke. If woke means I can’t get behind Trump, which is what I think it means, or that I support people who want to be transgender or I’m for the vaccine, dude, call me woke as you fucking want.”

Last year, Stern insulted Trump supporters on his show by calling them “morons.” While speculating about the ongoing investigation of classified documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, he spun a conspiracy theory that the former president smuggled sensitive federal documents out of the White House “to do business with Russia and Saudi Arabia.”

In 2021, Stern came at Trump with some more trash talk, teasing a presidential run in 2024. “There’s no way I’d lose,” he said.

However, the radio host’s crippling neurosis over coronavirus seems to have killed any chance of a political campaign. Stern, who famously called on hospitals not to treat people who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, recently said that his crippling fear of this particular virus has caused tension with his own wife.

“My wife yelled at me last night. We got into a fight,” he said. “You know how paranoid I am about getting COVID… I’m just expressing my fear to you, and I’m scared.”

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