We’re Doing Everything We Can to Ignore the Crisis at the Border, Aren’t We?

I’m going to be honest with you guys: At this point, I really think it’s just impressive how extreme the lengths are that the media and the Biden administration will go to just to ignore what’s happening at our southern border. It takes a real dedication to one’s craft and partisanship to see all of the footage and all of the evidence that’s happening in Texas and along our Mexican border and think that there’s no problem here.

If they’re even seeing that footage. It seems just as likely that they’re ignoring it outright. There’s something to be said for the “Shut your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears” strategy.

And yet, somehow, we’re supposed to pay attention to the Democrats and Democrat cities in Democrat states who are complaining about the number of illegal immigrants who are now within their borders. It’s astounding that this is what we are experiencing. The immigrants in New York are a major problem, but where the immigrants are coming from that’s not an issue at all. How in the world have they managed to pull off ignoring what’s happening at the border for so long?

Once again, we turn to Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

We also take a gander at what our friend over at Townhall, Julio Rosas, is experiencing right now.

And this isn’t new. It isn’t just happening now. We’ve seen our southern border flooded almost nonstop since Joe Biden came into office with more than a wink and a nod toward those wishing to come into our country.

I can’t blame folks for wanting to come to America. Frankly, given how many progressives think America sucks, I would love for more people who are passionate about being here to be part of our society. We need some of that love at a time when everyone seems convinced America is dying and corrupt and about to expire. But, let’s be candid for a moment: What we’re seeing at the border is largely a bunch of people who are being encouraged to break the law.

Which is exactly what we don’t need more of right now.

And yet, you don’t see much coverage of all this coming from our mainstream media outlets. You see the fallout from all this on their networks, though, as New York politicians, among others, whine and cry about how bad things are up north, far away from the overwhelmed border.

I wish I could say I am surprised, but I’m not. CNN and the other major networks are located in these big, blue, urban areas. They don’t have any sort of proximity to the border, so they don’t really care about what is flooding in. But when those immigrants end up in New York or elsewhere because there is simply no room left in Texas, the media goes into outrage mode, letting New York politicians like Kathy Hochul whine and cry about how they don’t have hotel rooms available.

On CNN’s website, you have headlines like “More military personnel head to the US-Mexico border as officials describe an increase in migrant crossings” and “Migrant crossings along the southern US border are rising, reaching more than 8,000 apprehensions,” but we’re missing a lot of network coverage. You can’t accurately express the problem in 30-second to two-minute news packages. You can’t portray the extent of the crisis at the border with a quick interview of someone from New York or Chicago or some other supposedly sanctuary city.

They can say they’ve “covered” the story, but it’s still shocking how many Americans who get their news from mainstream outlets don’t really understand just how bad things have gotten in Texas and elsewhere along the border. And the Biden administration has actively pushed back on those states’ efforts to combat the problem – suing Arizona to remove shipping container walls and denying Texas’ requests for assistance until it’s too late.

Instead, they would attack buoys in the middle of the Rio Grande for being “cruel” and give de facto amnesty to hundreds of thousands of immigrants (which only serves to further incentivize illegal immigration).

“From Sept 1st through 20th the Biden Admin ordered the release of more than 100,000 illegal border crashers,” the Border Patrol agents union wrote on Twitter this morning, saying it’s “enough to double the population of cities like Yuma, AZ.”

“Think about what Biden is doing to this country with his out-of-control border policies,” the tweet added. “How many millions more?”


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