Biden’s Deterioration Is Concerning During Photo-Op With Costa Rican Leader

I wish I were a fly on the wall in the conversations between the powers that be about what they are going to do with their problem, Joe Biden.

Every day we see him deteriorating more. Yet, the Democrats seem to turn a blind eye to it. Are they trying to leave him in there as long as possible before they pull him as the candidate? But they still have to figure out the problem of Kamala Harris if they intend to have Joe drop out. And they’re doing that at the risk to this country, with someone in power who is barely functional.

It was bad on Tuesday. While he didn’t have to do much, just deliver remarks from the White House for one event and meet with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves, it didn’t go well.

Biden made some of his typical false remarks about the economy including that “Bidenomics” was just another way of saying “restoring the American dream” when in fact he’s made things so difficult just for ordinary Americans to live. He even got an assist in the false remarks from Kamala Harris, who claimed that he had lowered costs for working in families in every way, when, in fact, the opposite is true.

But then he got into some real trouble when he didn’t even seem to know what he was saying, and confused Chicago and Toronto.

“A drug company that makes a drug here in America, if it’s sold in Chicago, you can buy the same drug in Toronto or Paris cheaper than you can buy it in Toronto!”

Um, what?

He then corrected it to Chicago. He just looked so confused, it made me think again how much this is elder abuse at this point.

Then, Biden stumbled through remarks in a photo-op with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves Robles. These kinds of photo-ops you usually just say a few pro forma words of welcome or recognition of the other leader but he can’t even get through that without reading the whole thing. He looked very old and struggled even with the notes.

You can see the Costa Rican President tapping his fingers as Joe rambles and pursing his lips. I think he gets the problem. And of course, that’s an issue when the world sees Biden like this.

After that, the reporters tried to get questions in – including Fox’s Peter Doocy – asking about how Biden’s campaign is going. But Biden just sat there looking out of it and angry, and you can hear the Biden staff trying to shove them all out of the room, saying, “Thank you [translation: get out].”

He’s in this condition after taking most of the month for vacation and meeting with the doctor this week for some unknown reason that they wouldn’t clarify. So the vacation isn’t helping anymore if it ever did. As I reported earlier, this isn’t escaping the eye of the American public — the first word that they think of when they think of Joe Biden is “senile” (and there are a lot of other not-so-nice words). 77 percent don’t think he should be running again. But at least officially, this is the guy the Democrats are putting out there for 2024. That’s a truly shameful thing.

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  1. Impeach The Illegitimate presidency and administration of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American people and the Constitution

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