It Was ‘Great to Be Fired’: Tucker Carlson Opens up During Trip to Hungary

I wrote a couple of days ago about Tucker Carlson’s remarks in Hungary that just nailed the uni-party. As he noted, not only are our leaders “lunatics,” but they don’t even pretend that they’re trying to advance a better life for all of us. Instead, what they are doing is making “human flourishing” increasingly more difficult, he said.

He described the average Democrat voter in unflattering terms:

“The ruling party is the party of the childless, the unmarried, the people working for low wages for large corporations and living in tiny apartments in overcrowded cities that are rife with crime…Who votes for the people who run the United States right now? People who are again, working for big non-profits, banks, living in crowded conditions, very often alone, in big soulless cities, having their food delivered by immigrants, and spending their time glued to a screen.”

Carlson also did a fun interview with Balázs Orbán, who is a member of the Hungarian parliament and the political director for Prime Minister Viktor Orban (no relation), right after those remarks. That interview has now been released as well. 

Orbán told him that he should be a politician, and Carlson laughed in his typical way and, with his typical wit, said he’d probably be “assassinated” if he did become a politician. That got it off to a rollicking start. 

Then they joked that he may have been fired for having Orbán as his last foreign guest, and Carlson joked that he would not be surprised if that were the case. 

Orbán asked what it was like to be free now, and Tucker replied, “I’ve loved it.” He said he was fortunate that he still had all the people he worked with around him because those people got fired as well. He said that Fox had let him say what he wanted, although he knew someday he’d have a Hungarian on, and they’d fire him. 

Orbán inquired about Tucker’s plans for the future. Tucker said he thought it was “great to get fired” because it “keeps you from being a truly horrible person.” This stops that hubris that men are prone to, he said. He said that being humiliated was a great learning experience. Men need to be humiliated periodically, he explained, because otherwise, they become absolutely “unbearable.” “And anyone who is married to one can tell you that that’s true.” 

Carlson hit on an un-funnny topic, saying he thought NATO was going to collapse, which I don’t know that I agree with. He also let loose on his belief about Joe Biden and the destruction of Nord Stream 2. 

Carlson then went into some of the things that he thought made Hungary interesting — including that it’s not radical, that it’s moderate in its politics, not overheated (like the U.S.), or crazy. I’m not sure that Orbán agreed with that, but Carlson’s point was an interesting one: Hungary wants to preserve its heritage and not destroy itself like some on the left seem to want to do to this country. 

Carlson advised young people that the most important piece of education he received — besides getting married — was by reading books. He said people should read real books (not tweets)—books in traditional form, and read them every day—consistently through life. That, he said, would help make them educated and wise. 

Young people should also start with the principle that they “are being lied to at scale” by a whole collection of people, Carlson opined. He also stated our leaders never seem to be punished for lying. Although they’re caught telling falsehoods all the time, no one is ever held accountable. Instead, people are penalized for “telling the truth.” 

“It’s the truth that is illegal,” Carlson proclaimed. 

The best way to proceed, Carlson suggested, is to go into every decision accepting that you don’t know everything. Then you will arrive at a wiser conclusion, Carlson explained. 

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