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The Best Trump Mugshot Memes Taking over Social Media

While democrats celebrated what they consider to a be a victory over MAGA, conservatives recognize the timeless iconic quality of former President Donald Trump’s mugshot as the result of refusing to back down against the deep state. At the same time, conservative meme makers were busy cooking up images that are now spreading like wildfire on social media.

Veteran meme makers and savvy social media users were quick to recognize the meme potential of the Trump mugshot. YouTuber and political commentator Carl Benjamin noted, “The memes are already incredible. This is a great mugshot.”

One meme maker posted an image in references to the 2000 film, American Psycho, in which Christian Bale’s character thinks to himself, “Oh my God, it even has a watermark,” when examining someone’s superb business card.

Staying with the movie theme, one feature Trump as Ken in the Barbie movie.

One Marvel fan inserted Trump into Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another memester photoshopped President Joe Biden appearing to sniff Trump, a common meme in reference to Biden’s apparent inability to refrain from smelling young girls’ hair.

A common theme of memes portray Trump as a tough guy hardened by the prison yard.

Some even believe his criminal charges may cause Trump to launch a rap career.

Another social media user performed an impression of the 45th president, stating, “Well, they took my mugshot, it’s a big, beautiful mugshot, look at it, I call it the ‘Mona Lisa of mugshots,’ it’s incredible,”

“Many people say they have a good side and a bad side, I only have one side. It’s called my great side. They got my great side with this mugshot. It’s a beautiful picture of a very handsome guy with wonderful hair,” he added.

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Another posted a meme video of people cheering upon seeing President Trump return to Twitter/X.

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Others photoshopped Trump onto the head of a lion.

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“My favourite of the #Mugshot memes so far,” another X user wrote, sharing an altered version of Trump’s mugshot, so that it appears in a similar format as former President Barack Obama’s stylized red, white, and blue stencil portrait.

“Donald Trump has to win in 2024 — he has no choice,” the social media user added. “The alternative is the continued expansion of the deep state totalitarian dystopian hellscape with crooked dribbling demented Biden as the puppet figurehead of the charade.”

Due to the rapid flow of memes on social media, users began to compile them in video form.
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Another Twitter/X user shared an image of Trump’s mugshot, including the words, “They’re still after you… and I’m still in the way!!!”

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