Farage: Jailing Donald Trump Could Lead to a ‘Civil War-Like Split’ in America

An “irrational hatred” behind the movement to jail former President Donald Trump could lead the United States towards a “Civil War-like split”, Brexit’s Nigel Farage warned this week.

Writing from Milwaukee ahead of the first Republican Party debates of the presidential primary season, Mr Farage noted that his longtime political ally and friend will loom large over the contest, despite refusing to take part in the debates. Yet, the divisiveness seen within the so far primary will pale in comparison to what could befall the nation as a whole if the government actually imprisons the former president, the Brexit leader warned.

In an article in the Express newspaper, Farage said that “an irrational fear and hatred” of Donald Trump seems to be sending America down a dangerous path, in which it could see a “civil war-like split”.

“Trump is now facing dozens of different criminal charges – both personal and political – and most fair-minded Americans can see that he is up against nothing less than an Establishment-led witch-hunt,” he wrote.

“If citizens lose respect for the judiciary on the basis that they feel it is increasingly politicised, and then decide to take matters into their own hands, America could be subject to the most potent split since the civil war.”

Mr Farage, who has been a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, who in turn was an ardent backer of the Brexit independence movement, warned that “any further dents” in the “democratic armour of the world’s superpower would be terrible news for us all.”

The Brexiteer turned GB News host noted that the world is rife with political instability and therefore can “ill afford distractions” such as the potential politically-inspired imprisonment of the former president of the United States.

While Russia and Ukraine have dominated world headlines over the past year, Mr Farage pointed out that Communist China is facing the prospect of economic calamity, with youth unemployment soaring after years of failed policies from the Xi Jinping regime, chief among them draconian lockdown measures imposed in response to the Wuhan virus

The communist dictator, whose main mandate for power within the country is based on bringing economic prosperity, may seek to distract from his failures by launching an invasion of Taiwan, Farage warned. He said that while Trump “may be a maverick”, the former president surprised many international observers with his ability to navigate foreign policy.

In contrast, it is “obvious” that the “very doddery” 80-year-old President Joe Biden “simply cannot provide” the strong leadership that the West is in “dire need of”.



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  1. Not to mention the DODDERY old fool is a lying cheating CROOK of the first magnitude and a ENEMY of the AMERICAN PEOPLE who should be locked up in GITMO or HUNG for TREASON.

  2. The true enemy of the American people and the Constitution is Premier Biden! Who said and I quote the Constitution isn’t Absolute! The 2nd Amendment isn’t Absolute! The 2nd Amendment is the Core of our Freedom! As a Veteran it made me sick when the senile, brain dead moron Commie in the white house Surrendered to the Taliban (Terrorist) left behind billions of dollars worth of weapons to TERRORIST! BUT JUST LIKE ALL COMMIECRATS HE WANTS TO DISARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

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