NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 01: Dozens of recently arrived migrants to New York City camp outside of the Roosevelt Hotel, which has been made into a reception center, as they try to secure temporary housing on August 01, 2023 in New York City. The migrants, many from Central America and Africa, have been sleeping on the streets or at other shelters as the city continues to struggle with the influx of migrants whose numbers have surged this spring and summer. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Immigration Poll: Overwhelming Majority of N.Y. Voters Call Migrant Flood a Serious Problem

An overwhelming majority of New York voters believe mass immigration now flooding the state is a serious problem, a Siena College poll released Tuesday reveals.

“New Yorkers – including huge majorities of Democrats, Republicans, independents, upstaters and down-staters – overwhelmingly say that the recent influx of migrants to New York is a serious problem for the state,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said.

The poll found 82 percent of voters found the migrant situation that has plagued the state since May to be a serious problem, with a slim majority — 54 percent — calling it “very serious.”

Also a majority — 58 percent — say New Yorkers have already done enough and should now work to slow the flow of migrants, the poll found.

A plurality of voters also said migrants resettling in New York over the last 20 years or so has been a “burden,” not a “benefit” to the state.

Only 16 percent of voters said it wasn’t a serious problem.

Since the spring of last year, more than 72,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in New York City, the majority of which — 37,500 — remain in the city’s shelter system, which now includes hotel rooms, homeless shelters, and a former jail paid for by local taxpayers.

Voters also held a dim view of those they hold responsible for the migrant wave.

Regarding New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), the poll found voters disapprove 51-35 percent of the job she is doing to address the migrant situation, while New York City Mayor Eric Adams gets a 47-31 percent disapproval rating.

The low numbers for both come after Hochul said earlier this month mass immigration to the sanctuary state is a boon for businesses, hoping for an endless flow of foreign workers to hire even as officials in New York City suggest they are at a breaking point.

As Breitbart News reported, Hochul seemingly spun as a positive the fact that thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens, often with no means to support themselves, are arriving in New York every week as New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has said the city is in a crisis.

Washington is also feeling heat from voters on the issue of mass immigration.

The Biden administration sinks to a rating of 59-34 percent disapproval, according to the poll.

The Siena College poll was conducted August 13-16 among 803 registered voters. Of them, 503 were contacted through a dual frame (landline and cell phone) mode and 300 respondents were drawn from a proprietary online panel.


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  1. Omg. Didn’t care about the open border until it effected you. Getting what you voted for. Wat to go Dems. Bidens running for president is going to backfire on your party. 1. It takes time (present) away from all other Dem hopefuls of running because it’s like an all party voting or don’t. 2. Biden has no chance now that he’s showing true colors to his for his buyers instead of his party and for his misguided empathy for people. 3 he’s to dsmn old to even be a president now.

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