Report: Biden Obsesses Over Coverage of Hunter, Aides Afraid to Even Mention the Prodigal Son

CNN pundit John Avlon said Thursday that President Biden is “very obsessed” with news coverage of his son Hunter’s legal woes, adding that White House aides are afraid to even discuss the issue because they’re worried it will irritate the Commander in Chief.


“There’s deep reluctance, as this reporting shows, to raise this with President Biden because he has stuck by his sole surviving son—and he will. And in private also, I’ve heard reports that he’s very obsessed with the negative coverage of Hunter. He’s concerned about it, it’s an irritant. 

“And that’s understandable. But not one that allies around him want to raise because it will derail a conversation,” Avlon continued.   

Meanwhile, a source told the outlet that bringing up Hunter is a no-no in strategy sessions:

“Hunter Biden is not a topic of discussion in campaign meetings,” a senior aide told CNN. “It’s just not addressed.” 

New York Times reporter Shane Goldmacher weighed in, noting that Biden doesn’t like to talk about former President Donald Trump’s legal woes either. Goldmacher admitted that the president is simply ignoring two of the most discussed stories in the country:

But between Trump’s indictments, which also Joe Biden doesn’t want his team and the DNC talking about, and his son’s investigation, he’s now basically issuing an order for the top person in the Democratic Party not to talk about two of the most talked about issues in the country politically.

That’s a tough place to be on both of those counts. It’s hard to never answer questions about his son’s investigation. It’s hard to never talk about the former president and the frontrunner to-be rival’s criminal charges.

And so it makes them not active participants in two of the biggest story lines.

Former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod opined that the Biden administration would just love the whole Hunter thing to go away:

“So I think that anything that extends the Hunter Biden case into the election year is not welcome news for Joe Biden,” he said. 

Unfortunately for Joe, Hunter’s escapades are not likely to disappear from the news cycle. The House Oversight Committee has been busy investigating everything Hunter, and although they don’t have prosecutorial power, they have uncovered some bombshell evidence that even has some Democrats concerned.

Biden’s approval rating continues to reside in the basement as we are treated each new day with more examples of the president being involved with Hunter’s dubious business dealings.

Here’s just some of what RedState has been reporting:

Revealing 2018 Hunter Biden Text Demolishes Joe Biden’s ‘Arm’s Length’ Defense 

NEW: Biden Bank Records Outline How Family Received Millions From Eastern European Oligarchs While Joe Was VP

NEW: Tucker Carlson Interview Reveals Joe Biden Was Part of Devon Archer and Hunter Biden’s Business Partnership

It’s not surprising that Joe Biden is reportedly obsessed with the coverage of Hunter because the story just keeps getting worse. After Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal with the Justice Department fell through, Attorney General Merrick Garland named David Weiss Special Counsel to look into all Hunter Biden matters. Even though that move is highly questionable, the notoriously biased mainstream press nevertheless has had to pay attention and admit that the president’s prior explanations simply aren’t convincing.

Biden may want to avoid talking about the situation—but it’s not going away anytime soon.

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  1. Joe doesn’t want to hear about Hunters problems because it reflects badly on the the lies he has told about His And Hunters business arrangements. He doesn’t want to talk about Pres Trumps legal issues because he set all that in motion, and it’s all a lie and he knows the American people know it. He should Resign in disgrace, and face the Treason chages that are coming to him. Stick a fork in the Bidens, they are done.

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