Hillary Clinton Laughs During Reaction to Trump indictment

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laughed Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” while reacting to the Georgia indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Maddow said, “Now here we are with a multiply indicted former President Trump and a democracy that frankly has not looked this fragile in more than a century. All over the country, people are wondering what Hillary is thinking watching things unfold in Georgia. She is the former democratic presidential nominee.”

She added, “Madam Secretary, fancy meeting you here.”

While laughing, Clinton said, “I can’t believe this.”

Maddow said, “This is not the circumstances in which I expected to be talking to you.”

Clinton said, “Nor me, Rachel. It’s always good to talk to you. honestly, I didn’t think it would be under the circumstances , yet another set of indictments.”

Maddow asked, “Do you feel satisfaction? You warned the country that he was going to try to destroy democracy. Most of the country didn’t believe you.”

Clinton said, “It’s hard to believe. I don’t feel satisfaction, but I feel great profound sadness that we have a former president who has been indicted for so many charges that went right to the heart of whether or not our democracy would survive.”

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