Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) is interviewed on MSNBC about Trump indictment. Credit: MSNBC

WATCH: Dem Congresswoman Claims Republicans Defending Trump Are ‘Dangerously Close…to Criminal Culpability’

I seriously think sometimes some folks on the left live in an alternate reality where they refuse delivery on the facts. All they can see, all they want to see, is what’s in their bubble, only their own narrative and they believe that they and their narrative should control everything.

Notice the MSNBC host talks about Republicans defending former President Donald Trump in the wake of the Special Counsel dropping an indictment this week. “Clamoring to defend the indefensible,” she calls it.

What is she even talking about? The indictment is ridiculous. It’s trying to make having an opinion varying from the narrative a crime. Meanwhile doubting/challenging the election in 2016 was perfectly fine, indeed something constantly cheered on MSNBC.

We’ve seen liberals like attorney Alan Dershowitz call out the problems with the indictment, so it’s hardly “indefensible” to criticize it. What is “indefensible” is cheering the weaponizing of government against your political opponents so you can win elections. So much for “objective journalism” from MSNBC.

But Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) — another progressive — took it a step further into the abyss of the narrative and away from all reality. She hilariously resurrected the “the biggest scandal from Barack Obama’s administration was him wearing a tan suit” talking point. That, of course, is all kinds of nonsense; it’s a Democratic talking point they’ve been using for years to downplay all the scandals that did happen under Obama including the Fast and Furious gun-running, the IRS targeting, the spying on Congress, the spying on the Trump campaign. Perhaps the biggest scandal of them all was the failure to ever hold anyone accountable under Obama/Biden if they had a “D” after their name including Eric Holder, John Brennan, and Hillary Clinton. Not to mention Barack Obama or Joe Biden. We’re seeing that same denial pattern/push-the-narrative now when it comes to Joe Biden’s scandal too: “no evidence,” despite lots of evidence that rebuts everything Joe Biden has said on the matter and the “illusion of access,” despite actual dinners, calls, and meetings, not to mention a ton of money to various members of the Biden family.

We’re not claiming there’s “nothing to see” — there’s plenty to see with the weaponizing of the government all at Trump right now as the frontrunner in the race. It’s very concerning for the preservation of the rule of law and the health of the nation.

She claims no one is being prosecuted for their thoughts. Dershowitz, George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley, and former prosecutor Andy McCarthy would disagree with her. She claims that we saw what Trump’s “action” led to, with that being a riot. Really? Did she miss him telling people to act “peacefully” and “patriotically?” I guess so. Seems like Jack Smith missed that part too, as Alan Dershowitz said.

So then can we go back and prosecute every leftist politician who encouraged marching in the streets during the BLM/Antifa riots if it ended in a riot? Can we prosecute Kamala Harris for contributing to a bail fund for people arrested during the riots in Minnesota? How about all the politicians who encouraged people to doubt the 2016 election, can we hold them responsible for the January 20, 2017, inaugural riot against Trump? How about holding them responsible for the threats to the electors?

Then Crockett, who’s allegedly an attorney, went completely over the edge. She said Republicans defending Trump “are getting dangerously close, in my opinion, to criminal culpability in and of themselves, as well.” So now she’s not only cool with an indictment that criminalizes speech, but she thinks that people who object to it should face “criminal culpability” as well. She talks about actions but then only talks about them looking at the weaponizing of government in meetings. That’s concerning if calling out the weaponizing of government is something Democrats now think should be criminalized. Talk about the dangerous path Democrats are going down with all this, and she’s showing it isn’t just about Trump.

Meanwhile, here she is, a few days ago, dismissing any questions about Joe Biden. The prosecution of Trump is good. Investigation of Joe Biden? Bad. Notice she says the quiet part out loud at the end. It’s about Trump being the front-runner.


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  1. Once again there is no such thing as a smart democrat. There’s way more proof of biden corruption than there is wrong doing by Trump. Democrats are scared of Trump because he puts America and her legal citizens first unlike the Chinese democrats who screw the tax payers of this country to line their own pockets, and to destroy the safety of the nation with open borders and weakening our military. While China Joe is trying to go to war with Russia, giving China our reserve oil, military secrets and no telling what else lining his and his families with dirty money then laundering it in dozens of shell companies.

  2. Well, the commies (former democrats) are still batting 100%, not a single elected “politician” on their side with a brain… Oh yeah, BUCK joe fiden!!!

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