WATCH: Struggle Session on MSNBC to Defend Joe Biden Is Comedy Gold

Watching Democrats spin in circles over Devon Archer’s testimony has truly been a sight to behold. You keep waiting for there to be a line they won’t cross, and that line never comes.

As RedState reported, Rep. Dan Goldman has taken the lead as Joe Biden’s chief defender, and he’s doing an objectively terrible job. Immediately after Archer concluded his time with the House Oversight Committee, Goldman spoke to the press and insisted that the president was on the phone with Hunter Biden’s business associates to talk about “the weather.”

Goldman was back again for an encore on Tuesday morning, this time appearing on Morning Joe amidst a sea of like-minded hosts and analysts. What followed was comedy gold, even if it was meant to be a somber discussion.

To be clear, according to various MSNBC personalities and Goldman, we are supposed to believe that because Beau Biden died of cancer during the time period in question, Joe Biden then started randomly getting on the phone with his son’s business associates to talk about the weather. As I said in an earlier write-up, that is an absurd contention.

Let’s game it out a bit. You’ve likely had something tragic happen in your life at some point. In light of that, have you ever then decided to jump on a phone call in the middle of a business meeting you supposedly have no involvement in or knowledge of? Because as ridiculous as that sounds, that’s exactly the messaging that Democrat operatives have settled on. It’s the new version of “he didn’t inhale.”

I know in political commentary the word gets overused a lot, but it’s laughable, and worse, I think everyone sitting at that table in those clips knows it’s laughable. I fully expect more information to come out that leaves egg on all their faces, and that’s really the lesson here that they are refusing to learn.

Debasing yourself for a politician almost never works out well, and I say that as someone who has defended things in the political world in the past that I perhaps shouldn’t have. Being self-aware enough to acknowledge mistakes and grow as a person is a good thing. Yeah, that decision has cost me clicks (i.e. money) at times, but being able to sleep at night is more important.

No one on that Morning Joe panel possesses the shame necessary to follow that path, though. Instead, they are content to go down with the ship, defending the indefensible while insisting that anyone who disagrees with them is somehow dishonest. Their flailing is entertaining, but it’s also disturbing.

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s just the disillusionment that comes with years of covering politics, but my tolerance for this kind of thing is far lower than it used to be. If you lie to me for partisan gain now, why would I trust you not to lie to me later about something else?

The fact is that Joe Biden was on the phone (and met in person) with Hunter Biden’s business associates. That didn’t just happen. It wasn’t some grand coincidence that occurred dozens of times where Joe Biden was chilling on the couch and Hunter Biden just wanted him to say hello. Any intellectually honest person knows the truth here. It’s just a matter of whether any Democrat is willing to utter it.

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