Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Definitive Statement About Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden

Monday promises to be a blockbuster news day as Devon Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s formerly most-trusted business associates, is set to appear on Capitol Hill.

As RedState previously reported, Archer will reportedly testify that Joe Biden had intimate knowledge of his son’s business dealings and that the current president was profiting off them. That will include an allegation that Joe Biden was on over two dozen calls with Hunter Biden’s business associates.

In response to the probable fireworks, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who serves on the House Oversight Committee heading up the investigation, stated definitively that an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is now imminent.

Greene’s words hold some weight on this matter because she has a very close relationship with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. In the past, the Georgia representative has been very careful not to undermine anything the leadership is doing in pursuit of impeaching Joe Biden. That included not forcing a vote on her originally-filed articles of impeachment targeting the president.

For further context, when Rep. Lauren Boebert took the opposite approach, refusing to cooperate with leadership in an attempt to force a vote on her articles of impeachment, Greene criticized her heavily as harming the process.

All that to say that it’s extremely unlikely Greene would announce an impeachment inquiry is imminent if she hadn’t already gotten word from McCarthy that it’s a done deal. That makes her statement worthy of taking seriously.

It also means that House investigators almost assuredly have a very good idea of what Archer is going to testify to before he even raises his right hand, and none of it appears to be good for Joe Biden. Previous reports (as the one linked above) have pointed to some of the specifics, and Archer’s lawyers would have already worked out with investigators what the broader details will be. His testimony on Monday will get him under oath and his words into the official record, but House leadership has likely been planning past this moment for at least a couple of weeks.

What will an impeachment inquiry entail when it arrives? It seems certain that bribery, a charge specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution as impeachable, will lead the way. Whether other issues that have been pushed in the past as impeachable, such as Joe Biden’s conduct with the Southern Border, will make the list is unknown.

Purely speculating, I doubt the articles of impeachment end up that broad. The more Republicans try to throw everything against the wall in one setting, the more they will feed into the narrative that the pursuit of Joe Biden is a political catch-all. A more narrowly tailored, heavily evidenced (as in showing an actual crime was committed) impeachment proceeding has a far higher chance of leaving a mark, even if it’s a foregone conclusion that the U.S. Senate will acquit.

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  1. Wow that my fellow Americans is a very courageous man! If he’s not careful he might be found shot twice in the head and ruled a suicide! These are extremely powerful and evil people he is planning on testifying against! Or he will be threatened and forced to perjure himself to bare false witness.

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