JEFF POOR 24 Jul 2023

Schweizer: If Special Counsel Is Appointed to Investigate First Family ‘All Hell Is Going to Break Loose’

During Sunday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” New York Times best-seller author Peter Schweizer explained why a special counsel had not been appointed to investigate alleged Biden family wrongdoing.

Schweizer, a senior contributor at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, predicted “all hell” would break loose should the Department of Justice go the special counsel route.

“Is there any justification of any kind, Peter Schweizer, that this attorney general not to appoint a special counsel?” host Mark Levin asked. “The condition is conflict of interest or an appearance of a conflict of interest. We’ve got predicates all over the place.”

“Yes. I mean, this is why you have the statute for an independent counsel to the first family of the United States,” Schweizer replied. “The reason that one has not been appointed is if they’re appointed, all hell is going to break loose. Let’s remember what we’re talking about here, Mark, in very specific ways. Just look at China. Based on the laptop, based on public corporate records, what we know is that Hunter Biden and the Biden family received $31 million from four businessmen in China, and when you look at those four businessmen in China, these are not ordinary businessmen.”

“These are not even ordinary members of the Chinese Communist Party. Each and every one of them has ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence,” he continued. “Xie Feng, who arranged a $20 million deal for Hunter Biden in that private equity deal, his business partner at the same time, he is setting up Hunter Biden was the vice minister for State Security for China, whose job is to recruit foreign nationals to spy for China. Or look at Henry Zhao, who wires $5 million to Hunter Biden. He wires him to $5 million out of an account of a company called Harvest that Henry Zhao co-owns with the family of the former Minister of State Security, who runs the entire spy apparatus in China.”

“Or you look at Chairman Yi, the CEFC energy company who, sends $6 million to Hunter Biden,” Schweizer added. “His previous job before he gets appointed to this energy position is running an organization that is widely known to be a front for Chinese military intelligence. This was an intelligence operation by the Chinese to extract information, to get their claws into the then Second Family, now First Family of the United States. Nobody in Washington, DC wants to have that conversation, and Merrick Garland is not going to go there, even though this is the poster child for an independent counsel because of how the investigation is being stifled and who the investigation is actually about.”

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  1. Not right now, no one is going after the crime family. Everyone is too afraid. But the time is not far when it will come to pass.

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