IAN HANCHETT 13 Jul 2023

CNN’s Berman: People View Good Economy Poorly Because Inflation, Which Is ‘Only’ Up 3%, Messes with Their ‘Psyche’ 

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” host John Berman stated that despite “the reality” of the economy being “anything but bad” of late, most people think it’s in bad shape and blame President Joe Biden. And suggested that inflation — which “rose by only 3%” in the last year — along with the pandemic, “mess with people’s psyche when they look at things” and that might be a factor in how people feel about the economy. He also wondered if it’s possible that people just like to be unhappy.

Berman said, “Polls show that most Americans think the economy’s in bad shape. And by the way, they blame President Biden. But lately, the reality has been anything but bad. The economic data just keeps being pretty darn good. Just today, we learned that inflation rose by only 3%, the lowest pace since March of 2021. The latest job report show[s] the economy added some 209,000 new jobs. There have been 13.2 million jobs created since Biden took office.”

Later, he wondered if “there’s an element, people just like being unhappy?” And added, “I mean, the pandemic and inflation are two things that do, I think, mess with people’s psyche when they look at things.”

Berman also suggested that the term Bidenomics doesn’t sell well.

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