DAVID NG 12 Jul 2023

‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says She’s ‘Turned On’ By Joe Biden’s Angry Outbursts

The revelation that President Joe Biden frequently takes his anger out on his staff through rage-filled, profane outbursts represents the latest blow to the sweet grandpa image that the media sold to gullible voters in 2020.

But Biden’s verbally abusive behavior has a fan in his most loyal media cheerleader — The View‘s Joy Behar, who said on Tuesday’s show that she is “turned on” by his anger.

Watch below:

“I like it,” Behar said. “He’s such a mild-mannered, sweet guy.”

But co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed. “He is not,” she replied. “He’s dropped more f-bombs than I have.”

Behar added that Biden’s anger is a sign that “he’s just a regular guy” who enjoys his “white male privilege.”

Current and former White House aides told Axios that Biden’s outbursts include: “God dammit, how the fuck don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t fucking bullshit me!” and “Get the fuck out of here!”

But Biden also has a well-documented history of exploding at reporters who ask him unpleasant or unscripted questions.

Behar later made the bizarre claim that “it’s not true” that the U.S. economy has suffered under Biden, despite runaway inflation and soaring energy prices that have put the squeeze on households

Behar isn’t the only person who is “turned on” by Biden’s senile tirades.

Fox News host Lisa Kennedy said during her show Outnumbered on Monday that she is also a fan. “It kind of turned me on when I heard that the president gets angry and volatile. I’m not gonna lie.”

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  1. Everything Behar was quoted as saying in this article just reinforced the idea that she is one fucked up person. How amazing too; that Goldberg made a sensible statement.

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